How Does Microsoft DevOps Work and What It Means to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Exam?

Solving business processes has never been easier with Microsoft DevOps tools. Microsoft offers a variety of end-to-end solutions, allowing developers and infrastructure administrators to efficiently apply key DevOps practices throughout the entire lifecycle of an application. And if you want to earn subject matter expertise in designing and deploying Microsoft DevOps solutions, consider taking the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam.

A Thorough Understanding of Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Microsoft DevOps is primarily a SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end tool chain to help in planning and developing relevant solutions for your AZ-305 Exam needs. By mastering this integrated toolset, you can build applications for any platform, from Android to Linux and Windows. Below are the major functions of Microsoft Exam-Labs.com that can help in polishing your technical skills in creating apps on an Azure setup.

  • Plan

The first step is planning, which enables teams to effectively administer their work with full visibility. For defining, tracking, and laying out tasks, there are Azure Boards that equip you with Kanban boards, custom dashboards, and the like. GitHub also helps in ensuring updates are on schedule and visible to everyone.

  • Develop

Now, for the next phase, we have the development of apps. Both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code assist you in coding smartly and quickly. On the other hand, there’s Azure Pipelines, which gives you the opportunity to automate testing and even evaluate continuous integration in the cloud. And when creating automatic workflows, you have GitHub Actions.

  • Deliver

Deploying applications is another area covered in Microsoft DevOps. For instance, you can easily deliver apps to various Azure services like Kubernetes on Azure and still gain full control to improve customer service. Spinning up different cloud environments is also made more convenient with Azure Resource Manager and HashiCorp Terraform.

  • Operate

The last main function takes on the operation side of the applications. One of the most reliable tools is Azure Monitor, which assists you in implementing full-stack monitoring while providing you with actionable alerts and relevant insights from both telemetry and logs. In terms of cloud environment management, you can use Azure Automation and other services like Chef and Ansible.

The Benefits of the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam

Learning the nuts and bolts of Microsoft SC-100 Exam Solutions is pivotal in improving your career as a developer. With the help of SC-300 Exam, you are introduced to the technicalities of designing and developing significant Microsoft DevOps solutions. More than that, it showers you with a relevant skillset that you can apply to your career. Here are some of the many benefits associated with the successful completion of the exam.

  • Overcome challenges in all processes of building applications, particularly in source controls and pipelines
  • Configure communication and collaboration with ease
  • Set out key strategies for automation and instrumentation
  • Ensure continual delivery of software applications
  • Provide value to the organization and for the customers


Maximizing the Azure DevOps solutions to your advantage gives you the upper hand. It strengthens your ability to plan, develop, deliver, and operate applications in accordance with the core DevOps processes and technologies. So, if you’re interested in thriving in your field, accomplish the Microsoft AZ-700 Exam and become a Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert!

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