How To Be Romantic Without Being Cheesy

To be romantic, you need to understand the essence of romance.

For some people, romance comes effortlessly. They can shift from our normal lives to sweeping our significant others off their feet without feeling the slightest bit incongruous or – the worst fear of the non-romantic – cheesy. You crave to spend those romantic moments with your loved one, but the thought of looking cheesy holds you back. This doesn’t mean that your love has faded out. It simply suggests that the initial phase of fanciness is over and now you have become more mature and mindful towards your relationship.

If you can do any of these things in your own way, you’re definitely being romantic no matter what you do.

1. Pay close attention to the little things in love

Sometimes these things can really be that trick up your sleeve to an improved relationship. An example scenario should clear this thing up. For example your partner has forgotten his/her lunch at home. If you have some time to spare, drop into his/her office with a special lunch of his/her choice. This might look pretty simple on the hindsight but the look on your partner’s face will be priceless.

2. Talk a lot about your feelings

Everyone says that it is important to talk to each other when you are in a relationship. We all hear this but seldom do it. How often do you come home on a working day, sit with your partner and talk to him about his day? The answer of most of you will surely be, “Not often.” So, spend a lazy Sunday with your loved one. Cuddle him and talk to him about some great memories you created together. Talk about each other’s dreams, likes and dislikes.

3. Give your attention

When you’re out with your partner, don’t ignore them, especially when you’re with others. Just because you’re having an interesting conversation with someone else doesn’t mean you should neglect your partner. Instead, involve your partner and make them feel like they’re the center of your world.

4. Have a healthy competition

We’re not talking about picking up a bull fight with your partner or hurting their ego by winning a nasty argument with them. NO! Hold a healthy competition. Play video games together and see who wins. Have pillow fights. This little tug of war will make you both feel happier, cuddly and more in love with each other. Power game while making love is another way of being competitively romantic!

5. Be nice to each other

If you’re the guy, be chivalrous. If you’re the girl, compliment your man and make him feel like a protector. When you treat each other with love and respect, you subconsciously feel better about yourself and the relationship. And when someone’s nice to you, you can’t help but be nice back in return. This is the reason why perfect first dates are so romantic. Go out of your ways to make the other person feel special no matter how long you you’ve been in a relationship with each other.

6. Hug your partner

Or kiss them when they least expect it. Have you ever felt an overwhelming rush of affection towards your partner? Don’t stop yourself when you feel love well up inside you. If your lover’s working or cooking, walk up from behind and give them a warm hug and a kiss for no reason at all. When you hug your lover and rest all your weight on them helplessly, it’ll make your partner either laugh out or feel protective about you.

7. Plan a vacation together

Little getaways work well in sparking the romantic life! Plan trips together. Going to an isolated place for few days will bring you closer to each other. Even an overnight trip will do fine to keep up the excitement that has been fading with time. Taking a break from your monotonous work routine is also important for keeping day-to-day stress and anxiety away from your life.

8. Create memories

Sometimes, doing things out of the blue just to make him/her remember the moment goes a long way to create amazing memories. Remind him/her of the times you both spent and how you did something peculiar that is impossible to forget.

9. Tease and tickle each other

Tease each other all the time. Have fun, play little games, and pull each other’s legs and cuddle at the end of it all. The more you laugh and have a good time with each other, the more love and romance you’ll bring into the relationship. Sometimes, it’s alright to be a child and indulge in silly games with each other.

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