How To Have Proper Argument: Why Fighting in a Relationship is Healthy

When done skillfully, an opportunity for a greater understanding and love for your partner is possible. Talking about it is easy. Doing is difficult.

We all need to possess happy, healthy relationships with folks we have a tendency to care regarding. however it looks that we’ve fallen below a fallacy because of media and culture that fighting in relationships may be a sign that your relationship is “toxic”. as a result of we predict fighting in relationships may be a unhealthy issue, we have a tendency to avoid it or tell ourselves we’ve to depart the connection if fights begin to happen.relationship 01 life and lesson
This makes lots of individuals feel unhealthy regarding the relationships they’re in, and leads many of us to ending relationships untimely as a result of they need been convinced that fighting is essentially a nasty issue. What if it’s really a lot of noxious to be in an exceedingly relationship wherever you ne’er fight…ever? What if butterflies and rainbows aren’t continually the simplest for developing a long-run property relationship?

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1. Fights result in the next understanding

Sure this may be shunned fighting, however typically it takes a handful minutes of tears and yelling for actuality emotions and thoughts to intumesce to some extent wherever they will be communicated. we have a tendency to generally knowledge we have a tendency to feel at a acutely aware level, however ninetieth of the activity among our acutely awareness happens to a lower place our conscious mind at the subconscious level.

To mention those subconscious feelings and emotions, all we’ve to try and do is permit them to flow through the nation naturally through times of intense emotional suppression. after you each do that through crying, yelling, arguing, and different varieties of expressive style, you’ll be able to begin to visualize into the acutely awareness and perspective of the opposite person at each a conscious and subconscious level. The key here is that the feelings and emotions to a lower place standard states of consciousness that intumesce throughout times of emotional trauma and fighting in an exceedingly relationship.

2. It strengthens the relationship by increasing trust.

Constructive fighting that occurs within boundaries, or rules, that allow for emotional expression while avoiding abuse, strengthens a relationship. Weathering the storm allows a couple to see the clearing skies, and with calm waters approaching, a deeper understanding is glimpsed on the horizon.

Coming through the other side of an argument strengthens feelings of trust in the process. Knowing that I can survive makes fighting less threatening. Because it is less threatening I tend to avoid delaying a confrontation and present my concerns earlier to my partner when they are less likely to cause an explosive reaction.

Sometimes arguments erupt like an unforeseen squall on the ocean, blind-siding both partners. Surviving these surprises increases resiliency to confrontational situations.

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3. Your partner will know your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

relationship 03 life and lesson

When you are able to fully express yourself, your partner will understand the depth of your feelings about the subject. If you are able to put some volume and intensity in the communication, they will get that this is important to you.

Fighting has a tendency to bring out our worst tendencies. But it can also bring out our best attributes once we work through the tough stuff. In this process, we get to know the good, the bad and the ugly of ourselves and our partners, and still love them.

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4. Intimacy increases.

Fighting tells us what is important for our partner, what they don’t like, what they want, where their boundaries are, how flexible they are, what hurts them, and what they need to feel better. Discovering these aspects breeds a deeper intimacy and appreciation of the other.

Fighting can be a growth process in which your self-understanding, and understanding of your partner increases. Also, post-fight make-up sex cements intimacy. And to think most of us believe fighting is a bad thing to be avoided at all costs.

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5. Improves your character.

You increase your patience, care, and love by focusing on what is important – that you care for this person and want them to be happy (without losing sight of your own needs).

Fighting is like forging steel. In the beginning, there is no strength or flexibility in the unrefined product. As it is repeatedly heated, folded and re-formed – like the samurai swords of old – a beautiful piece of art is forged that can withstand the shocks and strains of heavy engagement without breaking.

6. It is human – you can stop trying to be perfect.

Fighting demonstrates that you are human and not some perfect angelic being, or that you have the perfect relationship, or that you are above it all. It shows that sometimes you are in a bad mood, are stressed out, or just plain tired.

It shows where in your psyche lay unresolved issues, whether they be for control, stemming from insecurity, power, from feeling helpless, or self-esteem, from not being acknowledged or respected. Whatever your issues, you are guaranteed that they will come up in an intimate relationship – that’s just how it works.

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