How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Are you ready to give your partner the Valentine’s date they’ve always dreamed of? Here are some of the best ideas to help you out!

It’s that time of the year again when it’s okay for a man to go over the top with their gestures of love, without looking desperate or guilty. It’s not your girlfriend’s birthday, and it’s not your anniversary. It’s Valentine’s Day!

When Valentine’s Day was established, men probably didn’t expect it to have such an effect on women. It started out as a way for lovers to express their affection using letters and poems, which in modern times is now called the Valentine. That’s also what you call a person giving and receiving a Valentine. [Read: Seven things every man needs to know before marriage]

Every year, Valentine’s Day plans get more and more outrageous. Women’s standards when it comes to V-day advances with age. First, it was just cards and letters. Then some overachieving male started giving his girlfriend flowers.

Another girl wanted something more from her boyfriend. That guy set the bar higher and gave her chocolates. That was when every other female realized exactly what Valentine’s Day was for – an opportunity to rub their romantic relationships in each other’s faces.

Are we going to perpetuate that belief? By writing this feature, we probably are, but we don’t condone the use of saintly holidays to exact revenge on single vindictive co-workers. We want everyone to forget about competing against each other on who gets the best Valentine’s Day experience. That’s what boyfriends are for.

The new Valentine ’s DayValentine’s Day 1

This year, the media has spread to inexplicable lengths to inspire people to give their best when it comes to Valentine’s surprises. Movies and books can be good sources for annual acts of true love, but people are getting more and more creative. Blame it on the hundreds of viral proposal and wedding videos, if you want, but girls expect more from guys these days.

It used to be that a romantic dinner date and a bouquet of flowers were enough. Now, guys need to really THINK about what they’re going to do for their girlfriends on Valentine’s. The more unique, the better.

If you can spare a koala holding a box of bon-bons, go for it! If you can bungee jump while writing a love song on a rhythm pad, why not? If the budget and life insurance can’t cut it, don’t worry. The point is that whatever you prepare, it needs to show that you gave it a lot of thought and that it also shows how much you truly care.

For the guys who are reading this feature and the girls who just want to know what to expect, here is a detailed manual on how you can prepare, execute and experience an amazing 2016 Valentine’s Day.

The preparation

#1 Do your research. Doing something special on V-day takes a lot of thought and effort. You can spare yourself the aneurysm from thinking of an original idea and Google other people’s experiences. Even if someone already did it, your girlfriend won’t even complain. They’re just happy you remembered to do anything at all. [Read: 13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman]

#2 Set a budget. Don’t kid yourself when it comes to V-day. No one is obligated to clear their savings account for a commercial holiday – I’m not sure about the saintly part of it, though. Work with what you can spare or else save some money for the big day. The worst that could happen is your partner finding out you bought a PS4 the month before Valentine’s.

#3 Get a dinner reservation today! Valentine’s Day, like New Year’s Eve, is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants. If you want to go to a really great restaurant, you better have made that reservation months before. For those who “forgot,” you should go to Yelp after reading this, and find the nearest one that will take you. [Read: 20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are]

#4 Buy or make the “perfect” gift. This one requires your utmost attention and deliberation. If you just started dating, you can’t give a gift that means too much. If you’ve been seeing each other for a while, you can’t give something that means too little. The best thing you can do is make something right from Pinterest or keep the receipt in case she wants to replace the gift.

#5 Double check everything. The slightest misstep can ruin your whole night. Make sure that everything is ready before the big day. It will only take you a few minutes to call the florist, the restaurant and whoever’s helping you, so that your preparations go off without a hitch.

V-day execution – no pun intended.Valentines-day-couple

#1 Do something big that all her friends or co-workers can see. Those flowers you bought? Don’t give them at home. Give it while you’re on the doorstep, while on the train, while she’s lining up for lunch. For the love of everything that is good, make sure that someone sees it! [Read: A Good Man Is The Most Difficult Kind Of Man To Love]

#2 Disregard any fights that you were having before today. It’s all your fault. You were the idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself. Whatever she needs to hear, say it. Forget about your petty arguments, and just make the most of this day filled with love and romance. Make that overtime pay count!

#3 Don’t be late. Most of the time Valentine’s Day can cause a lot of traffic, congested commute stations and even long lines at the bar in restaurants, even if you have a reservation. Make sure that you do everything one hour earlier to avoid ruining your schedule.

#4 Enjoy yourself. This is the best part of your day. After running around and making sure that everything’s perfect, you can finally let your hair down and enjoy a beautiful night with the one you love – or like. Savor the food, immerse yourself in the romantic ambience, and connect with your partner. The simple acts of thoughtfulness and love is well-worth the effort, once you see how much your partner appreciates everything that you’ve done.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for girls, but it’s not all that they care about. Even if you don’t take them to the most expensive restaurant or if you give them daisies instead of roses, they won’t care as long as they see that you made an effort for them. It may be just another Hallmark holiday for many, but the concept of Valentine’s Day helps us all see that love is everywhere.

Even if we don’t have a special someone, we can still bask in everyone else’s happy glow. I might be kidding myself when I’m saying that, but isn’t it a wonderful sentiment anyway? Why hate and throw bitterness around when you can just enjoy Valentine’s Day and the numerous sales and two-for-one promos?

Just remember that Valentine’s Day is a time where you can officially celebrate the existence of love in the world. I suggest adding another meaning to the word Valentine. For now it means, an act of love, a person you’re giving that act of love to and the one receiving it. I propose that we call everyone our Valentine. Why not give everyone a piece of love on this special day? We’ll all be better off for it. [Read:9 Undeniable Signs Your Guy is Husband Material ]

Whatever romantic gesture you come up with, no matter how small, will be appreciated. It’s not the amount of money you spend or how many “likes” your Valentine’s gift gets on Facebook. Valentine’s day is about showing your genuine love and affection for someone, regardless of how grand or simple it may be.

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