How To Keep Your Man Attracted To You

You wonder why, one day, he was totally into you, was very caring and then without any clear indications he stopped calling, started acting distant and gradually drifted away. Now he no longer seems to be involved with you.  It’s a common belief that guys are unpredictable, have low interest span and quite fickle. That is why many women ponder over the same question on how to keep your men attracted and make him crazy like the earlier times. The truth of the matter is, the sparkle and the exhilarating rush before falling in love is never permanent, however it never disappears but simply evolves. So, it’s up to you to put in some extras effort to trigger back that yearning and longing in him, once you’re in the journey called relationship.


Getting a man’s interest and keeping his interest all the way, are two totally different things. Before getting in the relationship women put all their time and energy to make themselves desirable, but sometimes they are not good at keeping that attraction and holding that same charm after the first “oh-wow!” phase of their relationship. After that, the man you have been dating for so long tends to gradually lose interest. Most men hate to admit their insecurities and weaknesses, but they are like your teddy bears, they don’t need all your efforts but just a little affection on regular basis and that is enough to keep your man attracted. Here are some keys before you to open the door to his heart.

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Tips To Keep Your Man Attracted To You


  • Keep him intrigued – Make yourself more interested and funny, by having your own life. A man never likes to have a girl or woman who is completely dependent on him. So have your own life and make him curious and interest in your life.  Be the Miss Right and let him feel he has taken the right decision to choose you as life partner.
  • Make him laugh – Laughing is something everyone enjoys and man also has special respect and admiration of girls who has great sense of humor. Make him laugh with your funny jokes and make your company an amusing experience for him.  Whenever he will feel low, he will think about you and want to be with you if you consume this talent of making him laugh. So be interesting and keep your man attracted to you.
  • Make him feel special –  All human beings loves to get pamper and man always wonder and wish to get nice revert of their love and pampering to woman.  Make him feel special by making him good food of his choice or anything which your mate tales as luxury treatment. Don’t always wait for his birthday or valentine day to do some good to him; you can make a casual day special and memorable for him by initiating romance or any activity of his liking.
  • Be confident and look great -Guys are attracted to natural beauty and confident woman. Simply think about your first date and make things better between you two. He has loved you always for what you are. So be real and remain the same for him, don’t ever loose your confidence and get well dressed.  You don’t need to put much make-up and get any fake face, just be real with your man and show your natural beauty with confidence to him and keep your man attracted to you for today and forever.
  • Do not be desperate – Your desperation can reduce your respect in his eyes and he may start taking you for granted in his life. Even when you want his company, don’t show your feelings to him and don’t let him take you for granted. Make him realize that you love him but not desperate, and by your confidence make him after you.

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