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How To Make Him Want You Like Crazy & Love You More: 11 Mindful Tips

If you want a guy to notice you, work on cultivating the right personality. People in general tend to be attracted to those who are confident, kind, and independent. Put a little extra effort into your looks. Wear flattering outfits that show off your best features. Make sure to flirt when interacting. Mimic your crush’s body language and smile when you’re chatting with him.

Learning how to make a guy want you can be quite easy if you follow these simple steps.

1. Act confident.

People are attracted to those who are confident and sure of themselves, so don’t be ashamed who you are. For example, it’s okay to be a little dorky if that’s part of your personality — own it with confidence to attract the right guy.

2. Respect yourself.

Your boyfriend is not better than you. Falling in love is a mutual experience between lovers. Have an ego and be confident of yourself. If you truly respect yourself, your boyfriend can’t help but respect you and admire you.

3. Have no expectations.

It’s a common mistake that every girl makes when she expect that a man is as hooked on you as you are on him, or that he is going to be exactly like your sappy man-child of an ex-boyfriend. Remind yourself why you ditched your ex. If he doesn’t arrive at your doorstep with a dozen red roses every day, it does not mean that he is not into you.

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4. Don’t try too hard.

It can be so easy when we are nervous to try a little harder to make a guy want us. For instance, we might decide to spend extra time getting ready, and dress ourselves up all the time extra special. Or, we may send him cards, texts, or other things to let him know we’re thinking about him. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you tend to express yourself through your words.

5. Be a wildcat with fiery passion.

Try new things in bed. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you sexually, don’t be predictable in bed. Try new things and don’t let bedtime get boring. Enjoy sex and take pride in your passion and interest in exploring sex.

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6. Pay attention to his problems.

Make an effort to listen to his problems and offer advice or help where you can. He will love you all the more, if you are the one he knows will listen to his problems. You won’t be able to solve everything, but at least you try, and that will mean a lot to him.

7. Flirt, tease and play with him.

Being fun is good, but being flirty is even better. Much better. Flirting, teasing, and messing with a guy is a fantastic way to spike emotions and make him see you as more than just a friend. The easiest way to flirt with your man is to think of how you might tease a little brother. You might joke that he was adopted, tease him over a way he says something, or even tell him that his favorite sports team sucks. You don’t really mean what you are saying; you’re just saying it to get a reaction.

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8. Don’t forget the little gestures.

Remind him that you are there for him and that you are willing to help. If he’s doing something really boring, that has to be done, then perhaps he’d appreciate a bit of company, or just bring him a drink, when he’s working. Being supportive and helping where you can, will always help to bring you closer together.

9. Smile and have fun.

Be happy when you are together and don’t just talk about all the dull and boring things. Make time for some fun as well and make the effort to enjoy life together. Laughter if often the best medicine and laughter together is even better.

10. Be nice to his friends.

If you can’t stand your man’s friend, it can be hard to pull this trick off, but you must, hun! No guy wants to see a girl be rude to his friend. Just like we would stick up for our girlfriend, they will stick up for male friend too. They might put up with you being rude to their friends for awhile, but not for long, I promise. Guys like girls who respect their friends, family and co-workers. It implies you are respectful of them by you showing courtesy to people in their lives.

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11. Don’t be clingy and needy.

Show off your independence even if you’re just idle and sitting at home. Appear like you’re a girl who can sort her own affairs. He should know that spending even a few minutes with you is a privilege!

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