How to make Origami Butterfly

If you are on the search for paper crafts, look no further than these Outstanding Origami Butterflies. You heard that right! Pretty with water color paint, these precious DIY butterflies are sure to be one of your favorite crafts for spring. If you are looking for paper craft ideas to make with your kids, this is a great DIY project. They can paint the coffee filters while you help with the origami folding. Learn how to make an origami butterfly.

How to make a butterfly. I have used plain paper to demonstrate.

  1. Start with a square. Ours were different sizes – between 5cm and 10cm.
  2. Fold in half – both ways  – turn over – and fold on the diagonals – both ways.
  3. Push in two sides – as shown in the picture below.

Origami-Butterflies-01 life and lesson


4. Push in the two opposite sides (step 3) until the paper is flat.

5. Fold two corners over to meet the centre line

Origami-Butterflies-02life and lesson


  1. Turn over and lift the bottom piece up, so the top point is slightly over the paper. When you do this the folded triangles will start to open – that’s good!
  2. Fold the tip over the paper and push hard!

Origami-Butterflies-03 life and lesson


  1. Pinch and squeeze the centre together and release. You should now have a beautiful butterfly!

Origami-Butterflies-04 life and lesson


I folded all the butterflies – and they really turned out so pretty!

Origami-Butterflies-09life and lesson


Hope you enjoyed our Origami Butterflies – we loved making them!

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