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How to Open MBOX file in Chrome with Easy Method?

Summary: Do you need a solution to open MBOX file in Chrome? No problem. This article will give you an easy solution to do it without facing any issue.

As you know, there is no manual solution for opening files from MBOX in Google Chrome. So, if you want to read your MBOX files in Chrome, then you have to convert MBOX files to HTML format. And for this, you should try Yota MBOX Migrator. It is one of the best toolkits with the ability to only export specific emails also.

Best Approach to Open MBOX Files in Chrome

This tool can convert multiple MBOX files to HTML format. In fact, you can also extract attachments from your .mbox files. The tool also maintains a folder hierarchy to maintain the data integrity of the files throughout the conversion. You can convert all the folders that are saved in MBOX file format so that it can be opened into Chrome and other web browsers. Now that you understand the tool, let’s see how this tool works. But first, download the MBOX Converter into your PC.

Steps to Open MBOX file in Chrome are as follows:

Step 1: Install and run Yota MBOX Converter on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on Open>> Email Data Files>> MBOX files.

Step 3: Add MBOX files that you want to convert and open in Google Chrome. Click Export and select HTML as file saving option.

Step 4: Set the destination folder and hit Save button to start the process.

Now, you have successfully exported MBOX to HTML. These .html files can be easily opened by any web browser.

Some Salient Features of the Software are as follows:

Import Multiple MBOX Files: You can import multiple MBOX files to Chrome and other web browsers with a single click. The tool also supports several other formats such as MBOX to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, etc.

Automatic Detection: The email converter has enough functions to automatically detect MBOX files from configured email clients. If you don’t know the default location for your MBOX file, the software will do it for you.

Preview before Conversion: Preview of .mbox files in different mode just after adding the files into the software. Here you can select and deselect the files by clicking on it. Also, you can view the attachments of your files without any issue.

Preserve Folder Structure: The best thing MBOX File Converter is that it doesn’t make any changes to the original structure of the file. When the user exports the MBOX file in the desired format, all components such as format, text, attachments, hyperlinks, etc. are preserved.

Compatible with all versions of Windows: The Email Export tool is available for download on all latest and older versions of Windows OS. This software supports Windows 10, 8 and 7 and lower. Free demo of the tool is also available for download.

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Let’s summarize here. On this blog, I have discussed one of the most common questions asked by many users nowadays. So if you are also want to know how to open MBOX files in Chrome. In this blog, the best method has been suggested according to your needs. There is no risk during the entire conversion process with the software. By keeping the metadata properties and attachments, the application import MBOX to Google Chrome. You can try the free trial version of this software to export 10 emails per folder to HTML.

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