PROCEED WITH CAUTION: The only way this article will make sense to you is if you have had an encounter with a soul that was put in your path to help you dive deep into clearing past life soul Karma. 


About five years ago I was involved in the most manipulative and energetically parasitic relationship I could have ever imagined. I was tossed around, in and out of mind games and by the time I got out of this relationship I had felt like I had just gotten out of the heavy load cycle in the spiritual washing machine (whatever that is). I had to physically separate myself from this person, so I did. The most intense part was that even though I had separated my physical body from his, I could still feel him and his emotions even though we were hundreds of miles away from one another. He would also know what I was feeling, it was like we were still tuned into the same radio station.

And then it hit me after one day in meditation. We were connected through universal consciousness, all of us are connected.

We magnify this oneness energy when entering a relationship with someone. Upon first meeting this person it feels like a supernova star just exploded in your heart chakra. There is a high that comes form this and this is the acceleration of all of your chakras, uniting you with your higher self. There is a type of spiritual chemistry that goes on, your energy combined with this other person’s energy, creates energetic cord entanglements that are unpenetrable from anywhere in the universe. The cords become knotted and extremely intertwined like an umbilical cord; breathing life into the re-genesis of both chakra centers in separate bodies.  Thus accelerating each other’s DNA for healing, the two of you have chosen to become the embodiment of oneness of the universe; the only truth the action of being in love. Although in some cases meeting a soul companion could mean the cords become stronger from karma clearing activities if accepted by both parties involved. When both souls or one resists this acceleration they both experience discharging trauma or a soul shocking energy field decrease together.

Let me explain a bit further, I think we attract into our lives a mirror to show us what experiences we need to release in order to find peace within this one. When you meet someone and there is that magnetic attraction feeling. That person is the perfect mirror to reflect back to you areas that you need to heal. The healing is then your job, instead of becoming offended by these deep soul divulges; you dive deeper into the relationship with yourself (not fixing the other person) to see what the root of the pain is from. It is also your partner’s job to do the same. We are always just projecting ourselves onto another, what we love about them are areas we are comfortable with within ourselves and have healed. Areas that offend us or draw in negative emotions like fear and anger, are areas we need to heal deep within ourselves. If one or the other person abandons ship, then off the both of you go and you will both attract another perceptive partner to help ease these lessons of unconditional, experiential love to you in a way that you can “handle”.  In this soul clearing process you can see why I say there may be some deep chakra cord creation and entanglement with this person. As a side note I think the creation of these cords are so intense for most sensitive or spiritually in tune people that they turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the intuition that ties both parties together but I am here to show you a better way to release those entanglements.

So how are energetic chakra cords even created in the first place? 

To put it more clearly all of life down to a subatomic level is vibration including our thoin_the_land_of_freedom-1392220ughts and words. When we are in romantic relationship with others we create unconscious contracts with each other.  We do this through sex, marriage, verbally telling one another we love each other, creating art or poetry for a loved one, writing to them while having intense feeling toward one another, even just thinking about them, etc. These are the paperless soul contracts that create cord connections.

Example: You get divorced and can not figure out why you are having such a hard time “finding” your next soul mate. You can check in with your higher self and see if you are still unconsciously honoring your vows.

Most importantly now that you know what soul contracts and/or energy cords are, the next question is: How do you remove such cords? 

  1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes and start by taking 10 deep slow deliberate breaths.
  2. Think of the person with whom you want to cut ties with.
  3. Scan your body. Try to visualize a cord coming from the heart or any other region in the body your mind is pulled to being connected to this person. Selenite wands help with body scanning and clearing.
  4. Keep breathing and imagine how it feels to cut this cord between the two of you. If you have a similar experience to me I could feel the density and size of the cords and why they were place there. Imagine cutting the cords.
  5. Ask your higher self and subconscious mind to release all contracts and/or subconscious obligations with this person. This includes all energetic invasions in your environment (car, house, etc), ask for the release and complete return of your original energetic balance within your body.
  6. Lastly, picture sending this person love and gratitude for hard learned lessons and thank the universe for the return of balance to your body and your physical environment. Visualize closing this energetic portal.

As a closing note, I want to say to everyone that I have never read anything like this anywhere else and this is just an energetic practice that I have found extremely beneficial within my personal spiritual walk. I hope to the inner most center of my heart and being that this will help someone out there that felt as confused and out of control as I did. This practice really changed my life. Although we are all one, sometimes others are just in different stages of evolution and we have to release them with love to find that self love within, so that we can do the same.

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