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How to Style White Kurti in Different ways?

Ever wondered how you can transform your plain white kurta into a fashion statement? Here are some tips to style your favorite wardrobe staple.

There are many ways to style a kurti. Today, we will be talking about the most common and popular one: Styling a white kurti. You can pair your white kurti with any color you like; it is all up to you! If we go by the latest fashion trends, then we can see that designers and fashionistas have been pairing white with purple, yellow, pink and even black! Have a look at how these white kurtis can be styled in many different ways.

White Kurti with Skirt

White Kurtis are very much in fashion with work on embroidery and skirt. You can take inspiration from Shraddha Kapoor. You can complete your look by putting on a pair of jhumkas, Kolhapuri wedges, and wavy hair. This is enough to kill all the hearts.

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White Kurti with Jeans

White kurtis are commonly paired with jeans to achieve a formal and casual look. Instead of wearing western tops with jeans, most women prefer to wear kurtis due to the fact that they cover the body more than a western top does. A kurti gives an ethnic look to any outfit which makes it a favorite amongst Indian girls and women.

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White Kurta and a Shrug

Wear a shrug or jacket with a white kurti of your choice to a function and look the prettiest. The jacket will add a modern touch to the traditional kurti and give you a sophisticated look.

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White Kurtis with Dupatta

For a day out during the hottest times of the year, choose a kurta with a long skirt or jeans. You can also accessorize with scarves and dupattas. If you’d like to give your style some extra ethnic flavor, mix and match these fashionable accessories with some accented jewelry pieces such as brightly-colored bangles.

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White is always a preferred color in summers. The white kurta-suit stands out in the crowd with its graceful flow of white color. It’s cool to wear, fresh and inviting. Colors like green, red or orange looks great when you carry them with plain white kurta or just simple yet stylish bottom that gives you familiarity with your environment.

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