How to Tell if You’re Being Used & Abused

6 Signs That Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is Using You

Every time you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s a good idea to step back and ask yourself:  “Am I sure that they’re dating me for the right reasons?”  More often than not, they will be…but if you’re too blinded by love, it’s easy to miss the fact that your new boyfriend or girlfriend is using you for something other than fun & friendship.
If even one of these signs is true, it’s a big fat red flag that you’re being used:

1.  All He Wants to Do is Make Out

Don’t get me wrong – kissing is great.  But relationships are also about getting to know each other better and having good, clean fun.  If your boyfriend has no interest in any one-on-one activities besides hooking up, then don’t kid yourself:  he doesn’t really want to be your boyfriend.  He just wants to be your makeout partner.

2.  She Likes Your Friends More Than She Likes You

Did your girlfriend beg you to take her to the “popular” party – but once you got there, she barely even acknowledged you?  Is she more interested in mingling with your friends than hanging out with you one-on-one?  She might be using you for status, or to get closer to a pal of yours who she likes more than she likes you.

3.  He Tries to Force You to Go Further Than You Want to Go

Once you’ve made it clear that you don’t want to go any further physically (and you shouldalways make it clear), your boyfriend should know to stop immediately.  If he tries to push past your limit just once, he’s not respecting you like a good boyfriend should.

4.  She’s Obsessed With Getting You Alone

A girlfriend who likes you for you will be happy to hang out with your friends, your little sister or even your parents for a while.  If she’s always hurrying them out of the room, she’s probably not interested in connecting with you as a person…and it’s possible that she’s just using you as someone to kiss.

5.  He Asks You for Things That He Won’t Give Back

A boyfriend should respect every aspect of you, including your stuff.  If you’re always paying for things and he never offers to chip in, or if you lend him stuff that he never gives back, then he’s not treating you with the respect you deserve.

6.  She Won’t Be Your Official Girlfriend

Maybe she’s seeing another guy on the side, or maybe she’s carrying a flame for her ex.  Whatever the reason, if her status still says “single” (either on Facebook or in the real world), she’s not ready for an emotional commitment.  She’s not a real girlfriend – she’s using you.  And that’s not worth settling for.

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