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Import Eudora to Gmail With All Emails and Attachments – Know How

Summary: After Eudora was discontinued, it seems that people are still looking for the best way to export Eudora to Gmail with emails and attachments. If you are also looking for the reliable method to convert Eudora to Gmail, Yota Eudora Converter should be your best choice. This powerful tool will let you import Eudora to Gmail in batches with all email data including email header information, email body, attachments and more.

Eudora Mail is a free email application that was created by Qualcomm. The program allows you to send and receive emails, manage contacts, create To-Do lists, set reminders and keep your inbox under control. Eudora Mail also allows you to configure an unlimited number of email accounts from different providers. Eudora is a powerful tool for sending and receiving email messages. The program, however, does have a couple of drawbacks that may frustrate users who do not know how to work around them. That is why users are looking to import Eudora to Gmail.

Import Eudora to Gmail using Automated Solution

Yota Eudora to Gmail Migration Tool is the best and most reliable email converter software for all versions of Eudora mail client which helps you to convert multiple emails from Eudora to Gmail account. All the email properties like folders structure, read/unread status of emails, message attachments like images, audio or video files with original formatting will remain the same. The software also helps to import Eudora to Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, etc. easily without any data loss even if the size of mailbox are larger than 2 GB. The trial version of the utility is available for free.

Steps for Migrating Eudora files to Gmail are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install Yota Eudora to Gmail Migration tool in your Windows PC

Step 2. Go to Open>> Desktop Email Clients>> Eudora Accounts.

Step 3. Upload the files and preview all the mailbox items. Click on Extract and select Gmail as saving location.

Step 4. Set the desired location to save the files. Lastly, hit the Save button to import Eudora to Gmail user account.

Important Features of Eudora to Gmail Migrator

Complete Mailbox items Import: Eudora to Gmail Converter is an effective tool for the conversion of email from Eudora Mail to Gmail. The software can effectively convert email, calendar, tasks, address book and many other items without any issue. Moreover, it provides error free conversion of the emails on latest Windows operating systems.

Simple and Streamlined process: Eudora Converter is an extremely efficient tool that converts Eudora mailboxes into Gmail folders with ease. The recent update has added more features to the conversion process, making it better than ever before.

Automatic Detection Features: The tool lets you detect the files automatically if Eudora is configured in your system. Yes, that’s write! If you don’t want to manually select the files then this tool is the best option for you. If Eudora is not installed in your PC then also, it is very easy to upload the files into the software panel.

Export Eudora to Cloud Server: Eudora to Gmail Migration tool is a fully automatic software that can export Eudora files into the cloud-based email services such as Office 365, G Suite, or Google Drive. It supports f preview functionality in order to provide an easy user experience for users. It also provides options to make sure that the conversion is carried out in its best possible way for maximum speed and accuracy.

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To conclude, Gmail email application is the most widely used application. It has more features that can benefit your business, but you need to make sure that your data is secure while transferring emails into it. Using Eudora Converter will ensure that you get a smooth transition from Eudora Mail to Gmail account every single time, without losing any information.

It offers an advanced features to help users easily migrate from Eudora to Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, etc. It is a well-known fact that the majority of businesses use Microsoft products, and it’s important for your business to stay on top of technology trends. This is why we recommend this tool as the best choice to import Eudora to Gmail with emails and attachments .

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