In India, Why Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Funerals ? Here’s Why?

India is a spot where rules have been set diversely for the male and female sex. Individuals have been taking after specific conventions for quite a long time together, simply because some of their ancestors began it and nobody questioned them about it in those days.

One of those customs is ‘not permitting ladies at the shamshan ghat.’ A shamshan ghat that is the cremation ground is a territory where cremation of bodies happens. Such locales are typically worked close waterways or crisp streams so that so that the ashes can be discarded after cremation according to Hindu custom. As per Hindu ceremonies, the child of the expired should light fire battles at the cremation. Likewise, according to customs, ladies are not permitted to go to the burial service or even go past the road they live in. In any case, have you ever asked why? Have you ever inquired as to whether there is a science to this rationale or is it only a customary myth? Whether you have achieved answers to every one of your inquiries or not, we’re going to bust a myth today. Read on.

The fact is that women are NOT BANNED from attending funerals. A woman can visit the cremation and has the right to light the fire if she is the only daughter or if she and her family has no problem with it.

However, our ancestors had their own reasons to not let women attend funerals and they aren’t really illogical. Here are five reasons why women are now allowed to go to shamshan ghat.

A Ritual Belief funeral 1

According to some traditional beliefs in Hindu mythology, tears are considered as poisons amid the last privileges of the expired. Ladies being considerate may shed tears or sob and subsequently it may not make the dead individual feel settled.

Ghost Effect funeral 2

It is said that unmarried women (specifically virgins) are pure and therefore easier to be possessed by the evil spirits. As against, married women can enter the cremation ground as they are difficult to be controlled through bad means.

Long Hair Can Attract Negative Energyfuneral 3

Hair is considered as one of the evil component. Subsequently, individuals still trust that long hair can pull in negative vitality and in this manner make it simple for evil spirits to have ladies. Since ladies can’t shave their head, they are not permitted to enter the shamshan ghat.

To Take Care Of The Houseindia_cooking

While the men of the house go to the cremation ground, the women being the caretakers of the house, are expected to clean the house and look after it. Traditionally, women were also expected to keep the food ready for the men returning from the cremation ground.

It’s A Disturbed Sightfuneral 4

It is believed that some women are weak hearted and therefore may not be able to bear the terrible sight of bodies being burned. As per Hindu mythology, before leaving the shamshan ghat the family members must ensure that the dead body is fully burnt and because of the heat, the body may cramp up, which isn’t easy to watch.



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