An Indian Restaurant In Canada Is Giving Free Food To People Who Can’t Afford It

“Dear friends,

If you are hungry and have no money to pay, just ring the bell below or come in for a free meal box/coffee anytime.” 

If you’re in Edmonton, Canada and you come across the following words outside a restaurant, then you’re at Indian Fusions, a restaurant that is trying to help the needy and poor by offering them free food.

Free Food

The restaurant is trying to help out people who are unable to pay for their food.

The restaurant is not only offering poor people food but also keeping in mind people’s dietary choices that include asking whether they are vegetarians, non-vegetarians or have any allergies.Free Food

The reason for their generosity is because the owner feels they have always been fortunate enough to have more food than they need and should be doing something worthwhile instead of wasting it away.

People who are unable to pay, are welcome to dine in like regular customers, instead of just grabbing a meal box and going away.Free Food

The owner Prakash Chhibber says, “I have seen enough hunger in the past. I know the pain of not having food. I thought, how many people can I go and ask: “Are you hungry?” It’s not possible. So I thought, why not put up a sign? In case someone is hungry.”

Prakash Chhibber also believes that this does not make him give anything extra as he is already cooking more to give away.free Food

He adds,” I’m feeling sad, I think that I can do much more. I am already preparing food for other people. I am not going out of my way – this is my way of life. I am not doing anything extra.”

Prakash Chhibber, who was a resident of Delhi, lost his job after a severe accident that left him with 9 multiple fractures and bed-ridden for 2 years. That was the time he discovered the pain of going hungry when he and his wife were left with no money, and also discovered generosity in the form of friends who invited them for supper.”Free Food

He also adds, “I always say in a joke, the front door is for paying my bills and the back door is for something personal.”

As the sign on the restaurant has been going viral, people from all over the world are praising the restaurant for its act of generosity and clearly they deserve it.

Prakash Chibber and Indian Fusion, you have our respect.

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