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Jump- Dreams Interpretation

Have you seen yourself jumping in your dream? Do you get such dreams quite often?
Then you have got to know how to interpret them. Getting such dreams may seem ordinary and normal to you, but they have deeper meanings than you can even imagine. If you are able to interpret your jumping dreams properly, you can save yourself from a lot of problems in your waking life.
When you jump into a well in your dream, it means that you are inviting problems to your own self.
Are you getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t deserve you or isn’t the right partner for you? Are you getting divorced from someone really good? Are you doing something terribly wrong, knowing that it is not correct and you can be in some sort of a problem in future? If yes, then you are bound to get such a dream.
Dreaming of jumping also represents your nature of going out of the way to help someone. If you dream of jumping inside a burning building to save someone, you are going out of the line to help someone in your waking life.

A jump usually means trust, lack of faith, too much of faith, taking wrong decisions and inability to take a decision in life.
Dreaming of jumping off from a cliff indicates loss of faith. You have probably struggled all your life and now it is difficult for you to trust your instincts and believe in the Divine Spirit. Therefore, you find it difficult to trust anything and anyone in your waking life.
Dreaming of jumping and landing indicates your ability to take proper decisions in life.
Dreaming of jumping and dying means that you are taking wrong decisions in your waking life and your conscience is hinting you about it.

Most Common Jump Dreams:
· Jumping over things – If you dream of jumping over things, you are going to get some positive news in your life.
· Bungee jumping – If you dream of bungee jumping, you are happy in your life surrounded by those you can trust.
· Jumping in one spot – If you dream of jumping in the same sport repeatedly, it means that you are stuck in your life.

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