For Just Rs 50 A Person Can Get Away With Inflicting Inhuman Torture On Animals. This Needs To Stop

Think about every time you’ve winced at the suffering of an animal at the mercy of cruel people out there, everywhere, every other day. We were all reminded of that feeling when recently a Chennai man threw a dog off the terrace, and it makes our hearts boil. Now what if I told you, not only do most of the culprits in cases of animal cruelty not get caught, but even the ones who do can escape consequences with shocking ease?

Yes, it turns out that The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act allows inflictors of violence against animals to walk free for a fine of no more than ₹50.202233531

The offences that are ‘punishable’ by a maximum of fifty bucks, include several horrifying acts between beating or maiming to killing a stray animal.02

To address this shortcoming of our legal system, an image posted on Facebook points out the painful injustice these archaic laws are inflicting on animals. And how we need to come together and do a better job of protecting them.

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