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Kayak- Dreams Interpretation

Kayak is nothing but a light narrow boat (somewhat like a canoe). It is made of a very light frame that has a covering with a tiny opening on top. The one who uses this boat sits in this opening, which is watertight.
A lot of people use such light boats, especially when they travel to places ideal for kayaking. Sometimes, you may dream of sitting in such a boat. If you do, you must pay attention and try to remember all those things that happen when you are sitting on a kayak.
Dreaming of a kayak means that you are at the most balancing phase of your life. You are juggling beautifully between your work pressures, family responsibilities as well as personal space. You are able to meet the expectations of your superiors at work, lay off your duties beautifully in your family and then spend some quality time with your friends as well.
Dreaming of sitting in a kayak that is going is going nowhere indicates your aimless life. You have no ambitions and aims in your life due to which the boat of your life is unable to decide its path; you are simply flowing with the time, which is incorrect.

A kayak represents balancing, emotions, lack of ambitions, ambitions and goals in life.
Dreaming of sitting in a kayak alone and knowing where you are going indicates your ambition in your waking life. You know what you are doing and where you are heading towards.
If you dream of sitting with somebody else in a kayak, it indicates support in your ambitions. If you have a goal in life, you have support from others around you to achieve that goal, thanks to which you know where you are going in your waking life.

Most Common Kayak Dreams:
· Sitting in a kayak – Dreaming of sitting in a kayak indicates balance.
· Floating beautifully in a kayak – If you dream of lying in a kayak and noticing the sky, it indicates inner peace and happiness. You are satisfied with the things in your life.
· Escaping in a kayak – Dreaming of escaping in a kayak means that you have finally realized where to go in your waking life.

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