How To Keep Your Marriage Long Lasting : Secret Revealed!

Put Your Personal Happiness Aside...And Think About The Mutual Happiness...

At the point when moving ahead in your marriage you will confront difficulties and challenges. It is unavoidable. There are such a large number of winning speculations, lessons and schools of thought on the most proficient method to make a marriage work. The reality is there is no one single recipe leading to marital bliss. You need to take a couple of extremely essential and basic standards and tailor them to address the issues of you and your companion.

“If both of you are putting each other first then no one comes second.”

Let’s except the reality. Marriage is a journey, isn’t it? Once the honeymoon phase of marriage is complete, couples are left with the non-exceptional and routine expectations of everyday life. They go to work, cook, do laundry, pay bills, and manage family and social relationships. Oh, and those pesky little things called “differences”. Those need to be worked out too.

1. Never fight about money

Come on guys, just make it a rule , for sure. Never, ever fight about money. Financial problems  can lead to divorce. And you didn’t want your relationship to deteriorate over something as inconsequential as money. You might be through financial ups and downs, including bouts of unemployment and significant credit-card debt. But you should never cast blame and remain calm during financial discussions.

2. Never yell at each other when hungry or tired

Now this is the best tip, eat marshmallows to improve communication. What’s the one thing you can’t possibly do with a mouthful of marshmallows? Talk. Communication is more about listening than talking.

3. Always treat your husband as an honored guest in your home.

Always treat your husband as an honored guest in your home. In other words, be on your best behavior. This has rubbed off on me and he reciprocates. It works! My own saying about marriage is: ‘A good marriage is made up of a thousand small kindnesses.’

4. Always find things to laugh about

Tragedy happens in all families. Times are tough. Things will go wrong. But if you find ways to laugh about “it” you’ll form a special bond and can overcome anything!

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5. Look back only to the good times.

Everyone has their rough spots, but if everything is focused on past hard times, your marriage can become like an albatross. Remember and revel in your successes. Ignore the times when you failed. Don’t look at problems to place blame, only to find solutions. Love is like a boomerang, throw it at your spouse and you’ll find it coming right back at you.

6. Remember why you  got together in the first place

Put your relationship first. Be open and adaptable to change. Adjust. These goodies sound conventional however we’ve seen such a large number of connections separation since one or both partners declined to do these ‘judgment skills’ things.

7. Share a common dream

At the point when couples have that, each obstruction is en-route to some place that matters. Without the fantasy, each hindrance is a mountain to move over. Discovering your dharma, or what your one of a kind administration is to the planet, making a bigger connection of significance in life, puts the little stuff in context and makes it simple to handle.

8. Women want to be loved and cherished; men want to feel respected 

Even more than they want to feel loved. This may sound odd but it’s true. Don’t emasculate your man. Don’t take your woman for granted. Life gets messy, boring and stressful. Your marriage will have seasons when it’s stronger or when it feels anemic. Whatever you did in the early days that made you laugh together, make time to do those same things after 10, 20 or 30 years. Read to each other from a favorite funny book. Watch a favorite funny movie.

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