This Kid Asks How Babies Are Born. His Dad’s Answer Isn’t What Most Parents Would Tell Their Kids

Let’s face it. Sex has always been a taboo subject in Indian society. From a very early age, we’ve been taught not to talk about it (openly anyway) and for a lot of us, our sexual education came in the form of hearsay from friends (“Believe me bro, once you exchange your saliva, it’s done!) or from shady comics/ films.

Keeping that in mind, Y-Films’s latest venture comes as a breath of fresh air. Their new web series, titled Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, released to a warm reception last week and now their second episode is out too. The topic of this week’s episode? Why, that question that’s plagued us ever since we learnt to speak:

“Papa, where do babies come from?”

Check out the episode to find out how Papa dealt with the situation.


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