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Kitten- Dreams Interpretation

While most of the times cat dreams are said to be bad omens in life, kitten dreams are said to be good and pure. Dreaming of an innocent kitten is always a beautiful thing and it generally makes you smile, looking at the cuteness of the little one.
Dreaming of a kitten means that you are a very innocent person. You know that there are a lot of bad things happening around you and people are actually trying to put you down in your waking life; yet, you are never bothered about them. This does not make you a fool; you are simply innocent.
If you are going through a court case and you are innocent, seeing a kitten in your dream means that you are going to be relieved from the charges or you are going to win the case, since a kitten signifies innocence.
Dreaming of a kitten also indicates transformation in life. You have the zeal to explore new things to discover all that you wish to. A kitten is always curious to know different things around it, just like you are curious about something in your waking life.

A kitten represents transformation, change, purity, innocence, curiosity, selflessness and sometimes even fear.
If you dream of a fearful kitten, you fear something in your waking life. It may also mean that your kids fear your presence around them.
Dreaming of a beautiful and playful kitten indicates curiosity. You are looking forward to explore new things in life.
Dreaming of playing with a kitten indicates good news. You may attend a baby shower or hear about someone’s pregnancy, if you dream of playing with a very newborn kitten.
Dreaming of a kitten transforming into a puppy indicates major changes in life.

Most Common Kitten Dreams:
· Sad kitten – Dreaming of a sad kitten means that you are sad about your innocence. People take you as a fool and constantly hurt you because you are unable to understand them.
· Petting a kitten – Dreaming of petting a kitten indicates new friends in life. You are happy with the increase of your social circle.
· Angry kitten – If you dream of an angry kitten, it indicates the frustration in your heart.

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