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Library- Dreams Interpretation

A library is that place where your thirst for knowledge is quenched. It is a place where there are hundreds or thousands of books and you can always choose the best ones for yourself from the lot.
Dreaming of a library means that you have a thirst for knowledge, which must be quenched. You want to learn more in your life. If you dream of sitting and studying in your library, it means that you want to educate yourself further or complete the education that you left in the middle.
The one who is educated is said to be a wise person. Therefore, dreaming of a library indicates your wisdom. You are an extremely wise person. Just like hundreds of people visit libraries to learn new things, people admire you for the kind of wisdom and knowledge you possess. If you see a lot of people studying in the library, it means that people are extremely fond of you and they seek your advice whenever they are in trouble.
Consider yourself blessed if you see yourself finding the book that you are looking for, in your dream. Such a dream means that you are going to achieve great heights in your education.

A library represents wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, education and new doors.
If you dream of being locked in a library, it means that you don’t consider yourself to have the potential to do something. You think less of yourself and hence you are unable to get out of the locked doors. However, this is not true. You are a well-educated and wise person and you deserve to give yourself a chance.
If you dream of visiting a library, it means that you are seeking advice in your life. There are some terrible issues in your personal life and you want to get rid of them, soon.

Most Common Library Dreams:
· Empty library – Such a dream means that you are confused about something in your life.
· Haunted library – Such dreams usually come to those who have failed in their exams.
· Burning library – If you dream of a burning library, it means that you are not happy with the job that you are doing. You feel like your talents are not being properly utilized.

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