Life And How It Leads You To A Path You Would Never Expect

I was quite a late starter in life. I never dated till I was around 18 and I dropped out of college after getting a good imagesrhvf life and lessonopportunity at higher education. Nevertheless, I found myself unemployed at 20 with a girlfriend who had just managed to hold onto her place in further education and we were living off a £5000 inheritance she had received.

This would never last and before long I was out of that relationship back home with parents that totally disagreed with what I had done , and rightly so. Getting odd jobs, casual work I managed to get through until out of the blue I was offered a temp job for a few weeks . I took it which ended up being two years where I learned to work , to integrate and develop. I left there to work in a factory where I earned decent money , working shifts and generally enjoying myself. My them girlfriend changed once I started earning a decent wage and the cracks appeared after 2-3 years and we split up. After a year or so I met another girl , out of the blue …a sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time but for the correct reasons, as it turned out.18 months later we were married and we bought our house. We struggled . m djn v m life and lesson
I went back to college and got qualifications , got a better job, got a dog and we moved to a bigger house .We never had any children , we have travelled the world , we earn some good money ..but work for it .I have been made redundant three times but kept going and grabbed every opportunity and now we have been married 23 years. Life is difficult but it has taken me places I could never have dreamed off. I take each day as it comes and work every day as my last .I take nothing for granted and appreciate what I have got . I have made good decisions, bad decisions but its how you deal with them.

a story by Allan…

I hope people read this and find it worth reading and think about it,that is why I am sharing this.

Keep sharing and keep reading..

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