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Lion- Dreams Interpretation

A lion is a fearless wild animal. Most of the animals fear this beast because of his violent behavior and incredible hunting skills.
If you see a lion in your dream, it is a very good sign. If you are a Hindu and you see a lion in your dream, it means that your prayers are being heard by Goddess Durga. You are going to be blessed with a lot of happiness and your wishes will be granted, soon.
Dreaming of a lion also means that you are a fearless person. You believe in doing justice in life and hence, you do not fear the existence or presence of anything or anyone around you.
If you fear something in your life and you dream of a fearless lion, it is time for you to conquer your fears because that’s what your conscience is telling you to do. Think about it this way – you can never achieve success unless you conquer almost all of your fears. Therefore, think about all those achievements that lie ahead in your life; if you want to achieve them, get rid of your fears in your waking life.

A lion represents bravery, fearless attitude, fear against something or someone in life, danger from enemies and also independency.
If you dream of a lion fearing you, there is absolutely no one who can cause any harm to you. You surely know how to keep away from problems and even if you face some challenges in life, you know how to face them with all your bravery.
If you dream of saving someone from lion, it depicts your nature or character in your waking life. You know how to be there for others and thus, you are famous for your good deeds.

Most Common Lion Dreams:
· Being attacked by a lion – Such a dream means that your enemy is trying his level best to harm you.
· A lion scaring you by the look of his eyes – Such a dream means that one of your enemies is making plans to scare you or is trying to hit on your weaknesses.
· Defeating a lion – Such a dream means that you are an extremely fearless person in life and you are going to defeat your enemy, soon.

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