It Looks Like A Normal Ring, But This Is What It Means If You See A Woman Wearing It

On Facebook, Katya continued her story.


“I got so very lucky. I met some amazing people, many of whom I still think of as demigods. I’ve done a lot of fascinating things in my life. Being dead would have made all of this impossible. That’s why I joined a project that aims to make the world a little safer. And that’s no simple task.

My name is Katya, I’m 41 years old, and I’m the co-founder of Nimb, which launches its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in a few minutes.

Nimb as a movement towards safer environments, where people combine efforts to help someone in trouble, whether they are authorized officials, close ones, sympathetic neighbors or just passersby.

If technology allows you to operate a fighter jet without getting off your couch, then we have to use technology to save lives. Sounds ostentatious? I don’t think so, and neither do the hundreds of letter-writers who send me emails every day, expressing their gratitude, voicing hope, and telling stories upon stories upon stories. Nurses from Philadelphia who have to walk home alone after their shifts, late-night joggers from London, diabetics, senior citizens, worried parents, and those who have come face-to-face with evil and destruction. I answer each letter with a personal note. Thank you for sharing this. I am a crime survivor myself. That’s why i joined the project.

To make the world a safer place. That’s one ambitious goal. Why am I taking the risk, you ask? Well, for one thing, because it’s beautiful.”

Nimb is a portable alarm system that fits on your ring finger.


It looks like a simple ring, but contains a hidden panic button on the inside.

If the wearer feels threatened, they can simply press the button.

With one discreet button press, the ring will send an alert to your preset emergency contacts.

The ring subtly vibrates to let you know the alert has been sent.

The ring pairs with your phone, sending the alert through the same networks you use for calls and texts.

It’s a great idea — but how much does it cost?


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