It Looks Like A Normal Ring, But This Is What It Means If You See A Woman Wearing It

The mobile app allows you to set who to alert.


It could be friends, family or police. There’s even the option to send out a general alert to people nearby. Anyone with the app will know that you’ve pressed the panic button.

This idea could be revolutionary.

It’s impossible to predict how many assaults the Nimb could prevent, but there’s no doubt that anyone who wears one should feel a little more secure.

Of course, the Nimb will only truly catch on if it’s sold at a reasonable price point.

There’s a lot of next-level technology packed into that little ring — but prices for a ring start at just $75.

The project is soliciting Kickstarter donations.


You can read all about Nimb at their official Kickstarter page. For anyone who’s ever felt unsafe at night or anyone who has a loved one who fears being victimized, it’s a no-brainer.



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