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Love- Dreams Interpretation

Love is such a beautiful feeling. If you love someone in your life, you surely know how it feels to have that someone special around you. It is quite common for you to dream about him, because he is always on your mind.


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But love dreams are not always positive, even though most of the times they are.
If you dream about your love, it is time for you to celebrate because it is a good thing to see your partner even when your eyelids are closed and you are peacefully resting. It depicts the depth of your love for him.
If you are not in a relationship and you dream about being in a relationship with someone, it means that you are missing love in your life.
If you see yourself kissing someone in your dream, it means that you are going to get someone special in your waking life, soon. All you’ve got to do is keep the search on and the perfect match will surely fit into your life like a missing puzzle piece.
Dreaming of love means that you have a lot of peace and harmony in your waking life and you are pretty satisfied with whatever is happening around you.

Love represents compassion, passion, happiness, marriage, soul mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend and also any loved one.
If you dream of being happy with a loved one, it means that your relationship with him in your waking life is really good. You are doing every little thing to make him happy and strengthen your bond with him, which is a good thing.
Dreaming of being sad with a loved one means that you are missing him in your waking life. You are unable to improve your relations with him, even though you are trying really hard.

Most Common Love Dreams:
· Playing with your love – If you dream of playing with your partner, you are going to have an improved relationship with him.
· Hitting your love – Such a dream means that you are going to lose out on your love or you are suppressing him too much, which may make him leave you.
· Spying on your love – If you dream of spying on your partner, it means that you lack trust in him in your waking life.

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