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Magic- Dreams Interpretation

Magic tricks are beautiful, aren’t they? Magic is one of the best activities you can ever enjoy in your life. No matter what age you belong to, you are never too young or old to see a magic trick.
I have personally seen so many elderly men and women feeling awestruck after watching magical scenes in movies. Dreaming of magic is a beautiful sign.
If you dream of seeing magic, you are going to go through a positive transformation in life. This change is going to make your life better. You may bring down some of your egos or attitude to change yourself for good. Moreover, this change will be appreciated by others, just like magic tricks are appreciated by everyone in the globe.
Dreaming of magic is a very blessed dream, especially if you see an angel or God, himself, doing the magic on you. Such a dream means that your life is going to improve dramatically, and you will be extremely happy about it. You won’t go through any serious problems, even if time seems at its worst, at the moment.
Magic dreams must always be cherished since they bring smiles on your faces.

Magic represents transformation, change, positivity, positive energy and happiness.
Dreaming of attending a magic show depicts the child in you. There are a lot of things that you wish to achieve in life, but you think you are too old for that. If you want to do something, don’t refuse your heart; all you’ve got to do is GO FOR IT!
Dreaming of someone performing a good magic trick on you means that you are going to bring in some new changes in yourself or in your life.

Most Common Magic Dreams:
· Fairy God Mother’s magic – Dreaming of beautiful sparkles changing your clothes, like Cinderella’s clothes are changed by her Fairy God Mother, means that you are going to achieve immense success and good fortune in the coming times.
· Performing a magic trick – If you dream of being a magician, it indicates your power to influence people by your thoughts.
· General magic – If you see a general magic dream, it means that you don’t pay attention to what’s inside of a human.

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