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How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text and Make Her Yours For Forever

Flirting in general is a very natural thing that happens when you meet someone that you have chemistry with and that you find physically attractive. While it normally happens when meeting in person *because that’s where you have those physical feelings*, it’s actually more common over texting nowadays. If you haven’t mastered in flirt by now, that’s totally on you. But don’t worry — we’re not here to blow up your spot. Just read this handy guide ASAP and you’ll be well on your way to understanding what the hell we’re trying to say to you.

1. Use An Inside Joke Or Shared Experience.

Flirt with a Girl

Since texting is about building on past interactions, a really good way to start text flirting with a girl is to mention something from your time together, such as an inside joke. So, if you are texting a girl who you just met last night at a party, you might text something like, You might have ruled the dance floor last night, but just wait until I show you my salsa moves!

Or, if you are texting a girl after a first date, then you might text something like, Had a great time last night. Can’t get the image of you in that red dress out of my mind.

Mentioning details about the date (like something she said or what she was wearing) is always a good move because it shows that you were paying attention to her and find her special.

2. Emojis are a girl’s favorite way of flirting.


If you can use emojis, then start studying up on how to use them well because girls LOVE using emojis to flirt. Not only will you have to shoot her some wink faces if you’re making a funny joke, but you’ll have to get creative with them and you’ll see how much better she responds. Emojis also help take the guesswork out of the context of your message.

3. Compliment Her

Girls like receiving compliments. You can find a million reasons to praise a girl. You can compliment her beauty, her hair style, her skills, outfit or her personality many more. But her hotness? A Big No! Since you haven’t taken your relationship to the next level, avoid saying her “hottie” even if she is the one. Most of the girls find it offensive when it comes from someone who is not her boyfriend.

Just like guys, girls love it when their smartness is appreciated. If she is smart, say her “You are one of the very few smart girls I have ever met in my life.” She will feel more happy. As it souunds, it’s one of the best ways to flirt with a girl. Always give the genuine comments. Don’t say something just to get on her good books. Girls can identify the fake things even from miles away.

4. Your opening has to be clever.

If you just send a “hi ;)” and think that you’re being flirty, think again. You should always open your conversation with a flirty comment that’s more than just an informal greeting. Starting off the conversation on a flirty note sets the mood for the whole conversation. It’s a much better way to flirt with a girl over text.

5. Keep things light and fun

There is always a time and place to talk about your hopes, dreams, and ideologies with a woman you’re interested in. But a text message is not that place.

And what’s more, an attractive girl’s phone is usually bombarded with texts from guys vying for attention throughout the day. These texts will often range from the boring to the down-right coma inducing. So set yourself apart from the throng. Be the guy who’s fun, interesting and easy to text with, and she’ll automatically gravitate towards you more.

6. Use flirting questions to ask a girl

Another great way to build attraction and tension over text is by asking a girl flirty questions. Timing, however, is everything, and you should ask a girl these types of flirtatious questions at certain escalation points in your interaction. For example, whenever I make a girl laugh out loud, I like to say something along the lines of,  “God you look sexy when you laugh like that.”

And then before she has time to respond I’ll add, “Completely random question but, on a scale of 1-10, how good of a kisser are you?” If you can make a girl laugh, blush or smile with these flirty questions, while holding a calm and confident frame, you’re doing it very right!

7. Never try to text when you’re drunk.

What’s clever to your drunk self is not going to be funny and clever to her sober. If you want to flirt with a girl over text when you’re drunk – just don’t. It is just a huge no-no. Plus, you could say something offensive and she will be even more turned off.

8. Keep things moving forward

You see, over the course of a textual courtship, a lot of guys lose sight of the fact that they need to keep escalating things towards finally meeting a girl in real life. So when things are going great and they’ve got a girl laughing, they just keep doing what they’re doing. It’s almost as if they’re afraid of ruining what little they’ve got going on.

But sooner or later, a girl gets bored with this. So always remember to keep things moving forward. From text to phone conversation, from phone conversation to a date, from a date to sex, etc. etc. You get the picture.

9. Text her in the morning.

Any texts later than 9pm usually indicate that you’re only interested in her for one thing – and that’s not something that she’ll be happy about. Texting her in the morning shows that you’re thinking about her right away, and she’ll be more open to your flirtatious advances.

10. When you run out of content…

If you have nothing to share, say something like ” I saw you in my dreams yesterday, or I just saw a girl out there, she looked exactly like you”. or “I just remembered the way you looked in that blue and black dress, it was amazing”. When you say you remembered her, she will take it as a compliment. As she feels warmer, she will start think about you too.

Learn the trick of converting “nothing into something amazing”. All you need is some creative ideas to start your conversation.

11. Don’t act like different person

Once you both meet in person, behave exactly like how you perceived yourself in watsapp, snapchat or skype. If you sound more funnier in texts and acts shy in person, she would get the mixed signals. This is why, I suggested to be yourself while you are texting.

You can use your further chat sessions to discuss the last meet up or the next hang out. However, you will have some purpose behind your chats.

Winning a girl over via texting isn’t something that I would consider easy. However, if you really want to make her yours, follow this guide on how to flirt with a girl over text, and melt her heart one text at a time!


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