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Mango -Dreams Interpretation

Mango is the favorite fruit of almost all the kids in those countries where this fruit grows and is available to feast upon. The tangy taste of this fruit mesmerizes every individual’s soul and most of the people just can’t resist eating it.
If you are a mango lover and you dream of a mango, you’ve got some amazing news coming your way. It is a very positive thing to see this beautiful and tasty fruit in your dream. It indicates the existence of sweetness in your waking life, especially if you see yourself happy in your mango dream.
Dreaming of a mango also talks about your sexual desires. If you dream of erotically feasting upon a mango, it means that you are sexually charged up and it is time for you to try new moves in your relationship. Add some spice and let your partner know that you are ready for more!
Dreaming of a mango also means beginning of a new relationship. You may have recently broken up and may have not moved on from your past relationship, but if you dream of a mango, it means that you are going to get someone better and good in your life.

A mango represents sexual desires, erotic fantasies, sweetness, new beginnings, new relationships and sourness in the present relationships.
If you dream of eating a sweet and tasty mango, it means that your relationship with your partner is going to improve, if it is going through some sort of crisis, at present. However, if your relationship is already good and you dream of feasting upon a nice and yummy mango, it means that your bond with him is going to strengthen.
Dreaming of eating a sour or bitter mango means that you are going to have arguments with your partner.

Most Common Mango Dreams:
· Eating ripe mango – If you enjoy the taste of the mango in your dream, be excited to listen to some good news.
· Eating raw mango – Such a dream means that you lack patience in your life.
· Squeeze juice out of mango – Such a dream depicts your sexual desires.

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