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How to Migrate MBOX to PST Format Easily?

Introduction: Are you searching for a solution to migrate MBOX to PST, then keep reading the below article? In this write-up, you will get to know the best approach to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook easily. It will directly extract email messages from Thunderbird and convert into PST format which allows users to access the converted files on the Outlook email client.

There are many reasons where users want to convert MBOX to PST format. But the question is how to migrate emails from MBOX to PST. After reading this blog, users will get to know the best way to migrate MBOX file to PST format. 

Reasons to Export MBOX files to PST Format

Both Thunderbird and MS Outlook are the popular email clients, preferred by the users. It might be due to job change. But some reasons are given to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook, in the below part: 

High Security: Mozilla Thunderbird offers very low security whereas Outlook provides high-level security to your emails. Also, Outlook has a better management system. 

Better Calendar: If you receive any meeting or appointment via email then it will automatically add it to your Outlook Calendar. Sending invitation for appointments is also very easy in Outlook. 

How to Export Thunderbird to PST format easily? 

To convert MBOX emails to PST file, you can go for the manual method but it will work only when you have very few emails to migrate. If you have a large database of MBOX files then you should use the migration tool for accurate conversion i.e. MBOX to PST Converter. It simply allows to export emails from Thunderbird MBOX to PST. Overall, it is an effective method to convert MBOX file to PST in just few steps. First of all, download and install the tool in your system. After that, follow these steps for the further process to export MBOX to PST.

Steps to Convert MBOX to PST format are as follows: 

Step 1. Run the MBOX Converter tool in your system. 

MBOX to PST converter

Step 2. Add MBOX files and Check the preview of uploaded emails. 

MBOX Converter

Step 3. Now select PST file format as the saving option. 

migrate MBOX to PST

Step 4. Then select the destination path and hit button Export. 

MBOX Converter

That’s it. One can easily export MBOX to PST format by using these simple steps. 

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX file to PST format 

Using MBOX File Converter tool, it becomes quite easy to export emails from Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST. This software provides an option to upload bulk files that is a beneficial feature for the users having large number of files in a single process cycle. It has a very simple user interface that enables users to perform the conversion task in a hassle-free manner. Any data loss and corruption in data do not occur after the migration process if you are using this email converter. 

Key Features of MBOX to PST Conversion Tool 

Batch File Conversion: MBOX to PST Converter can convert multiple MBOX files at once. It allows you to load and convert the entire folder of MBOX file in batch mode. This way, the process of migration becomes faster as you don’t have to load the files one by one manually. 

Preview of files in Different Modes: The MBOX File Converter allows you to view your desired email in many different modes. You can choose the normal mode for viewing general information like the message body and metadata of a particular mail just by clicking on it. You can analyze the data and have a general idea of the files that you are going to convert.

Lightning Fast Speed: Since the dashboard of the tool is very simple and intuitive, the entire process to migrate MBOX to PST file format becomes very fast and simple. Also, you need to perform just 3 or 4 steps to export MBOX files to PST completely.

Migrate Attachments: You can easily view and transfer the attachments that are embedded in MBOX files. Since attachments are a vital part of any email, no one wants to lose them. Using this powerful MBOX file converter you can easily migrate attachments along with the emails without any doubt.

Smooth and User-Friendly Interface: This MBOX to PST Converter is designed with a very clear interface. It can be easily handled by the new user who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of running software. Its self-descriptive wizard makes the migration process smoother.

Free MBOX Converter: This software is available for free download in the form of a Demo version. Yes, you can export 25 emails per folder from MBOX to PST without any cost using this tool. All the features in the demo version are exact same. But if you want unlimited conversion of MBOX files to PST format then you have to buy the pro version of MBOX Converter. 


It is not easy to export MBOX files to PST format that too in bulk, but one can easily accomplish the task by using this ultimate software. It is fully tested software. It also provides its free version which allows the user to import MBOX to PST format to check the performance of the software. Once the user gets completely satisfied with the software, it can be purchased any time. 


1. Is there any file size limitation, if I use this tool? 

No, there is no file size limitations if you are using this MBOX Converter. You can convert an unlimited amount of data from MBOX to PST. 

2. Can this software convert MBOX files along with attachments? 

Yes, your attachments will also be transferred along with the emails while migrating MBOX files to PST format. 

3. Can I open converted PST files in Outlook 2016? 

Yes, you can definitely access all the converted files in any version of Outlook application including 2019, 2016, and others. 

4. I have not installed Outlook; can I convert MBOX files to PST without Outlook? 

Since MBOX Converter is a standalone tool, it does not require any other application in order to migrate MBOX to PST format. 

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