Mind-Boggling Sculptures that Openly challenged “The Laws of Physics”

1. Flying Stone Statue in Cairophysics 1

The poor stone is trying to “hang on” to its friend, who is at the verge of floating away!

2. Leaning Statuephysics 3

Emil Alzamora, a Peruvian-born artist and currently based-in New York, has been sculpting bronze and ceramic human figures in various graceful poses. To attain his desired pose in a way it narrates a story with emotional impact, he “distorts, elongates, deconstructs or encases” his sculpture. There is this figure standing in a certain degree of inclination or, to be exact, lying down in the air, defying the natural pull of gravity. Other figures depict some sort of unusual yoga postures. However, the one that fascinates me most is the family of three enjoying the gorgeous scenery. It conveys a story of love, joy and peace. Amazing!

3. Suspendedphysics 4

Menashe Kadishman was born in 1932 in Tel Aviv. After studying with local sculptors, Kadishman attended the St. Martin’s School of Art (1959-60) in London, where he came under the influence of artist Anthony Caro. By the mid-1960s, Kadishman had established an international reputation for suspended sculptures that were superficially related to Minimalism, but which were more gestural and full of dynamic tension. Suspended (1977), part of Storm King’s permanent collection, represents a continuation of his concern with perceptual ambiguities with the gravity-defying elements having no obvious means of support.

4. Circus Act Between Coconut Treesphysics 5

Balancing a sculpture on a thin rope is hard, but making one pose for gymnastic rings between two coconut trees is definitely harder. The cycle “The Balancing” is a proof that art can bemingle, can coexist with a crowd and be its natural part. The hanging above the observers’ heads silhouettes behave similarly to the passing people – they observe them with fixed eyesight, follow, imitate and sometimes mock them.

5. Tour by Catellanphysics 14

Not really a statue but come on(!) look at how that hoop is holding up the table.

6. Appearance Emptinessphysics 13

This is probably one of the most zen sculptures I have ever encountered.

7. Sculpture by the Sea by David McCrackenphysics 15

The stairway leading to heaven appears to have landed on a seaside in Australia.

8. Impossible Sculpturephysics 6

An optical illusion IRL. Francis Tabary is a magician who has created 3D optical illusion sculptures inspired by the drawings of impossible objects by Oscar Reutersvärd. His work gives an impression of levitation, lightness and impossibility.

9. Floating Giant Tapphysics 7

Someone broke logic and this is what we have to deal with now.

10. Monte-Meubles, L’ultime Déménagementphysics 11

We all want to live in a castle in the sky, just maybe not this one. There are a few rooms, floors, walls, windows and ceilings missing.


11. Sand Sculpturephysics 8

We are all familiar with sandcastles, but a sand sculpture that defies gravity? Probably your first time seeing one too.

12. Boy with Dolphinphysics 12

An amazing sculpture of a boy and a dolphin, great balancing act that makes people wonder how it’s possible.

13. Big Sculpture Balancing Actphysics 10

Suspended in mid-air supported only by a thin rope, this sculpture is an awe-inspiring, heart attack-inducing masterpiece.



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