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6 Mindblowing Tips for Hot and Sizzling Sex Sessions

The frequency does not matter as much as the quality of sex.

As time flies by, rocking your headboard becomes a logistical nightmare- or worse, it slips off the radar altogether. After all, kids need to be raised, bills need to be paid, and other important tasks need doing before the dirty deed gets done. Sadly, life can put quite a damper on sex. Even the most amorous couples have weeks when the sexometer drops from XXX to zzz. Sometimes all it takes is the right kind of outfit, and movie or music. The orgasm may be the ultimate goal, but the journey towards it is what makes for an enhanced sexual experience.

So here are tips to tap those senses and get onto the super-sex highway.

1. Dress up for the act

When your aim is to clamber back onto the sex bandwagon, visual appeal is key. The effort you put into dressing up in a saucy lingerie or a cowboy outfit often results in success. When you look naughty, you feel naughty too.

2. Watch Porn together

Want to step up the game? Introduce pornography. Be it a wham-bam plotline or a sensual build-up, there’s something for everyone. If porn is not your cup of tea, romantic films are a much tamer option. Watching these
movies are fun. They are likely to arouse you both. Sometimes, watching your partner getting aroused is a trigger enough to get you in the mood as well.

3. Turn each other on with sounds

Moaning helps, but not too loud, at least not at the start. Low and long pleasurable sounds can encourage and guide him. Music is a much better idea. It’s best to steer clear of heavy metal and hard rock. Soothing music helps. The right kind of music can relax the mind and help you enjoy sex a lot more.

4. Dirty talk

Dirty talk can make your sexperience go from 0 to 10. Describe what you want your partner to do. Give directions and be graphic. A woman who knows what she wants in bed is a major turn-on. Talk about what you want to do to your partner as well. It builds anticipation and heightens pleasure when you actually do it. Describe how your partner is making you feel. Verbalising it will add to your pleasure and turn your partner on as well. Win-win!

5. Introduce aromas that arouse

Your olfactory sense matters just as much as the other senses. Take the time to shower and brush just before
sex. Sweaty armpits and bad breath won’t enhance your experience. Be aware of what aromas you and your partner enjoy. If one of you wears a musky scent that the other doesn’t like, that’s going to kill the sex
drive right there. Remember this while choosing your scented candles or oils too!

6. Get touchy feely

While the sense of touch is crucial to sex, being aware of your body is important too. Know your preferences,
and be aware of your partner’s as well. Make sex more about giving than receiving. Giving always feels good, and you arouse your partner enough that they want to give it back to you. This makes sex gainful for both.

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