Mira Rajput: Lesser known facts about Shahid Kapoor’s wife

Mira Rajput was born and brought up in Delhi. She comes from a close knit family hailing from Punjab. She came into limelight for marrying bollywood’s heartthrob Shahid Kapoor. She has completed her schooling from Vasant Valley School, Delhi. She also did an internship from United Nations. She is an English (Hons) student at Lady Sri Ram College. Mira is a very private person, who prefers to hang out with a very few friends.

1. Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira is pregnant?images (4)

Ever since Shahid Kapoor tied the knot with Mira Rajput last year, media has been speculating the couple’s next step. While much was written about Mira’s Bollywood debut, there is no official confirmation on the same. Another rumour that surfaced was that Shahid’s wife, Mira, is pregnant. However, this rumour might after all be true. Mira was spotted at the ongoing Lakme fashion week; she was wearing a lovely peach number. However, what the cameras captured was, what appeared to be, a cute little baby bump. Is the stork all set to visit the cute couple? We will have to await an official confirmation on that.

Meanwhile, check out other, lesser known facts about Shahid Kapoor’s pretty wife..

2. Mira Rajput parties with friends as Shahid Kapoor is off for work

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When Shahid Kapoor is not clicking selfies with his wife Mira, the lad can be assumed to be working full time. While the actor is currently busy shooting for his next project ‘Rangoon’ along with Kangana Ranaut in Arunachal Pradesh, Mrs Mira Kapoor is making good use of her time by partying with her gal pals. The diva went on an outing with her girl gang and shared a beautiful still of the gathering. Looking stunning in a beige gown, Mira looked a million bucks. Well she surely is a star wife now.

While the girl is busy catching up with her friends, you read on to find out more

3.Shahid met Mira through the religious group, Radha Soami Satsang Beas.-law

Shahid dated Kareena Kapoor for more than three years, but later the two shocked their fans as they parted ways. Shahid was also linked up with Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan. According to a Bombay Times report, Shahid’s bride-to-be is a third-year English (Hons) student at LSR and did her schooling from Vasant Valley School. Apparently, Shahid met Mira through the religious group, Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

4.Mira hosts an intimate dinner for in-law

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput celebrated their first Diwali together last year and according to a report in Mumbai Mirror and hosted an intimate dinner. Shahid’s sister, Sanah, who had made her debut with Dussehra release, Shaandaar, points out that the family has dual reasons for celebrations – Shahid-Mira’s first Diwali as a couple and Sanah’s acting debut. She also revealed that Mira had taken it upon herself to host the party and that she had been doing all the prep work for the party while Shahid has been travelling.

Talking about the menu, Sanah had been quoted in the report as saying that, “All of us love Punjabi food so rajma, chana, paneer and mithai will definitely be on the menu. But don’t ask me more, only bhabhi knows all the details. We hit it off even before the wedding. Mira is an amazing girl and has quickly become such an integral part of our family. She keeps telling me not to call her bhabhi as we are both the same age but I still do.”

Mira seems to be the apple of everyone’s eye at the Kapoor household. Read on to find out as to what does her mother-in-law have to say about her…

5. Supriya Pathak: I have a lovely daughter-in-lawimages (5)

Supriya Pathak seems to be enjoying her relationship with her daughter-in-law, Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput. According to a report on IANS, the actress was quoted as saying that, “I am very happy as a mother-in-law. I have a lovely daughter-in-law. Honestly, I don’t understand this concept of daughter-in-law. For me, she is my daughter as well as her own mother’s daughter. She is a wonderful girl so, I really enjoy being with her.”Read on to know what Shahid Kapoor’s sister, Sanah has to say about Mira…

6.Shahid’s sister: Mira will be a good actress

In an interview with, while talking about Mira, Shahid Kapoor’s step-sister, Pankaj and Supriya’s daughter, Sanah said that her sister-in-law is fantastic and that she loves her. Sanah revealed that they became friends even before the marriage happened. Elaborating on how they got along very well Sanah said that Mira is loving and caring and she fitted into the family easily. When asked about her take on Mira’s entry in films, Sanah stated that she doesn’t know if Mira has any plans of pursuing acting but she insists that if she does, she would be very good at it.

Read on to know whether Mira Rajput fits into the Kapoor family or not…

7.Sanah Kapoor: Mira Rajput fits in the family very easilydownload

Looks like Shahid Kapoor’s sister, Sanah and his wife, Mira Rajput have been bonding really well. According to a PTI report, Sanah feels that Mira has effortlessly become a part of the family. “Mira is an amazing girl, she is lovely, caring and she fits in the family very easily. We both bonded even before Bhaiya (Shahid) got married as we shared similar interests. We both read a lot,” Sanah told PTI. Shahid’s sister also remarked that the two of them watch a lot of movies together and discuss about them.

Read on to know about what Shahid Kapoor has to say about his wife…

8. ‘I love the fact that I go back home to a normal person

It seems that months after their wedding, Shahid is finally ready to talk about his wife, Mira. The newly-minted husband, in an interview with, was quoted as saying that he had always wondered as to how will it be to date someone who wasn’t a celebrity and a year later he was married to someone who is a normal girl. Shahid further said that he loved the fact that he goes back home to a normal person, who talks about normal things and who at times tells him that she is not interested in what’s happening in his industry and wants to discuss next day’s lunch instead. Shahid asserts that it’s great and very healthy.

Rumours were rife that Mira would soon make her Bollywood debut. Read on to find out if this is indeed true…

9.Mira not doing ‘AK vs SK’: Shahid’s spokesperson

According to an IANS report, actor Shahid Kapoor’s spokesperson has refuted reports that his wife Mira Rajput is going to do a cameo in Bollywood film AK vs SK. Rumour mills have been abuzz with news that the young and beautiful bride of the Haider actor will make a foray into showbiz, and it emerged that Vikramaditya Motwane’s AK vs SK will be her launchpad. The film reportedly stars Shahid in a lead role. Shahid and Mira, who got married in July, have made news whenever they have stepped out together. Whether it is outside a gym or a fashion gala, the ‘good looking’ couple has managed to make heads turn wherever they have gone.Read on to know more about Shahid Kapoor’s next…

10. Mira Rajput in Shahid Kapoor’s next?


It is being rumoured that Mira Rajput is preparing for her big Bollywood debut. And now, a report on states that the newlywed bride will be seen in her husband, Shahid Kapoor’s, next. The report states that Mira will make a cameo appearance in AK Vs SKthat is slated to be directed by Looteradirector, Vikramaditya Motwane. The film is an urban thriller. The makers of the film haven’t decided on Shahid’s leading lady yet.

Read on to find out how did Shahid Kapoor make Mira’s 22nd birthday special…

11. All that happened at Mira Kapoor’s birthday bash

Shahid Kapoor brought in his wife Mira’s 22nd birthday with surprises, reports Mumbai Mirror. Marriage has apparently turned Shahid into a die-hard romantic. To bring in Mira’s birthday, the actor turned party-planner with a vengeance. He took the second half of Sunday off from shoots and meetings and spent it personally supervising the decoration of their Juhu pad. One of the decorators told Mirror that Shahid was everywhere, overseeing everything. Picking out balloons, streamers and lots of cute knickknacks that would make his “baby wife” smile. He also got her a load of crazy presents but since they were all gift-wrapped, only the Mr and Mrs know what lay beneath the wrappers and satin bows. However, Mira’s biggest gift was that he surprised her by getting her parents and a few close friends to fly down from Delhi for the party at their home. This would be the first time she was away from her family and the city that had been her home for so long. And Shahid made sure she didn’t miss her loved ones on her special day. His family was there too. And there was music, dancing, feasting and lots of love that night. The party continued the next afternoon over lunch at a suburban restaurant.

Read on to know what Mira thinks of Shahid’s onscreen chemistry with his leading ladies…

12. Mira Rajput approves of Shahid-Alia’s chemistry

Mira Rajput is a proud wife. The star wife has loved her hubby dearest’s performance in his upcoming film, Shaandaar. According to a report on, Mira was pleasantly surprised to see Shahid play a wedding planner in the film. A source has been quoted in the report as saying that, after watching the trailer of the film, Mira went gaga over Shahid. While Sasha has been recieving a positive response for his look in the film, wife Mira’s approval seems to be extra special for the actor. Mira has apparently also approved of Shahid’s crackling chemistry with Alia Bhatt, as is evident from the trailer of the film.

Meanwhile, check out Mira’s fitness secrets…

13.Here’s what Mira Rajput does to stay fit

Soon after their wedding reception, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput were spotted outside a gym in Bandra. And from what we hear now, Mira seems to be very particular about her fitness regime. A report on claims that she has hired a celebrity fitness instructor for herself and wants to sweat it out at the same gym where the likes of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone work out. Well, seems like hubby, Shahid Kapoor’s fitness mania has rubbed off on Mira too.

Apparently, Mira is also taking dance lessons from Bollywood’s ace choreographer, Bosco. Is she gearing up for a Bollywood debut? Read on to find out…

14.Mira Rajput Kapoor learning dance for Bollywood debut?

While the gossip mills are abuzz speculating about Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput’s next move, here is a news for all of you. After being spotted at the gym with her hubby, the new bride was also seen in the company of choreographer and Shahid’s good friend, Bosco, as reported on Speculations are rife that Mira is probably learning dance from the famed choreographer and might be gearing up for her big Bollywood debut. Well, she already has several fans waiting for her.However, did you know that Shahid is not Mira’s favourite actor? Read on to know who it is…

15. Shahid is not Mira’s favourite actor?

Mira Rajput has been shrouded in mystery. Nothing much has been written about Shahid Kapoor’s wife yet. Of the very little information available on the newly-minted Mrs. Rajput Kapoor, it has been reported that she is a huge fan of Salman Khan. In fact, her favourite Bollywood actor is Salman Khan. Now that Mira Rajput has arrived in Mumbai, it will be interesting to see when would Shahid take her to meet her favourite actor. We wonder if bhai would attend the couple’s reception that is slated to be held in Mumbai on July 12.

Read on to get all the details on Mira Rajput’s family…

16. Mira’s family

According to a report on, Shahid Kapoor’s bride-to-be is busy with her wedding preparations. The D-day is fast approaching. The date of the wedding ceremony is July 7, 2015. A source has divulged the details about Mira’s family in a report. Reportedly, Mira’s family hails from Punjab. Mira is the second of three sisters and a close friend describes her as shy and intelligent in the report. The report further states that Mira’s family is into business and that the family is friends with Shahid’s family.

Read on to know who was Mira’s alleged ex-flame…

17.Shahid is not the first man in her life.1452263030Mira-Rajput-Ex-Bf

Shahid Kapoor is all set to tie the knot with Delhi-based Mira Rajput but it seems like Shahid is not the first man in her life. The third-year student at Delhi University’s prestigious Lady Shri Ram College was in a serious relationship with Aditya Lal, or so claims a report on The report further states that Aditya was in same school as Mira and the two would often go to a mall near the school for dates. But both of them reportedly parted ways after a two-year relationship.

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