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Monkey- Dreams Interpretation

Not everybody likes a monkey, but sometimes, seeing a monkey show brings a smile on your face.
Dreaming of a monkey is not a very common one. If you dream of a monkey, try remembering all the things that you see. The activities of the monkey allow you to interpret the dream in a much enhanced way.
If you dream of a happy and joyous monkey, it represents your personal life at present. You are quite content with whatever is happening in your life, because everything is going just the way you want it to.
However, if you are unhappy in your dream and you see a bunch of monkeys dancing or laughing on you, it depicts embarrassment. You have either gone through an embarrassing moment in life or your enemies are trying to put you down.
Dreaming of a sad or crying monkey means that you are not happy with your personal life. Things are surely not going according to the way you want them to flourish.
If you dream of seeing a disobedient monkey, it means that you are not following rules in your life. It is okay to break some rules at times, but if you are doing something terribly wrong, you may go through problems in future.

A monkey represents enemies, disobedience, anger, hatred, internal happiness and also joy.
If you dream of an angry monkey, you are going to face some issues in your family life. You may fight with a very close loved one.
If you dream of a notorious monkey and you are happy to see him doing different tricks in your dream, it means that you are going to improve your relations with the kids in the house. These kids can be your children, brothers, sisters, etc.

Most Common Monkey Dreams:
• White colored monkey – A white monkey depicts wisdom. You are taking a wise decision in your life.
• Monkey on the shoulder – Such a dream depicts added responsibilities. These duties may be some unwanted or even unexpected ones.
• Monkey jumping from branch to branch – Such a dream means that you are not firm in your decisions. You keep hopping from one decision to another.

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