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Decorate Your House with These Most Colourful and Stunning Flower Rangoli

Here are some vibrant Floral Rangoli for this festive season...

Rangoli is a decorative and colourful design made on the floors especially during festive occasions. These are considered sacred and are meant to serve as welcoming areas to Gods.

They may look difficult, but taking small steps towards learning the skill and starting with small designs will help you a long way! You could perhaps start by decorating corners and console tables.

What we are about to show you today, i.e., rangoli designs with flowers are expert level rangoli patterns. Not because they are big and elaborate, but because they need a lot of finesse and patience. Once you perfect this skill, these patterns will become simple flower rangoli designs for you. Literally!

While most people decorate their houses with colourful rangoli designs during festivals and harvest season, they go a step further and decorate their houses with flower designs during new year.


This one is a spectacular flower rangoli using flowers of various colours. The Rangoli here has roses, daisies, different coloured marigolds and much more. This one is a very difficult design and the theme is Floral and Romantic. The flower shape has been given a twist with the emphasis on the heart shaped patterns. All in all, this is a fantastic design for any occasion and can be done on even anniversaries or weddings too.


This one is another very colourful design that includes loads of colours and is really a great way to celebrate any festive day. As it is very colourful, it can be used on any occasion like Diwali, other religious functions or on any other day too. But we think this makes a very pretty Holi Rangoli, especially due to its colour play. Do you agree?


If you have the patience, then this circle will look beautiful in your lounge area!


This is a very neat design with a flower pattern in the center. Make concentric circles with different colour flower petals and leaves.


Add diyas around your flower rangoli to give a nice look to your house and enhance its beauty.


Here is another bright and colourful rangoli made with Flower petals. The special touch in this rangoli is the lotus buds used in the center to decorate the Rangoli. The use of colours is also great and makes this design a great way to make your home colourful in style. We also love those flower replicas created in the middle of each yellow flower petal using Rose petals.


Swastika is the sign of all things good and holy for the Hindus and here we see a very pretty swastika being created with beautiful flower petals. This complex design using petals of various colours is an apt representation of the Swastika which is said to be very holy. So you can do it on any occasion like a wedding, or Diwali or Holi too.


Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped gods in India and he is said to give everyone ‘Siddhi’, the power and knowledge to attain one’s dreams. He is a secondary deity in almost all festivals and we see Lord Ganesha adorn many rangolis too. Likewise here we see him in this beautiful flower Rangoli which can be done on any religious occasion.

We’ll leave you with some more flower rangoli designs that you can take inspiration from:-

flower-rangoli-9 flower-rangoli-10 flower-rangoli-11 flower-rangoli-12 flower-rangoli-13 flower-rangoli-14 flower-rangoli-15 flower-rangoli-16 flower-rangoli-17 flower-rangoli-18 flower-rangoli-19 flower-rangoli-20 flower-rangoli-21 flower-rangoli-22 flower-rangoli-23 flower-rangoli-24 flower-rangoli-25 flower-rangoli-26 flower-rangoli-27 flower-rangoli-28 flower-rangoli-29 flower-rangoli-30 picture1



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