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Mother- Dreams Interpretation

Your mother is the one who holds you tight when you are going through terrible stress in your life. No matter how bad the situation is, a mother’s hug can help you calm and feel better about yourself.
If you see your mother in your dream, it means that you are looking for inner guidance. There are a lot of things going on in your life; while some are good, some are extremely bad and painful. You are confused about what to do with the worst problems in your waking life and hence, you seek the advice of your inner self.
Dreaming of your mother also indicates sacrifices. Just like your mother has sacrificed a lot of things for you, you too may have to sacrifice a few things in your life. Your mother may have sacrificed her career, her dreams and even her happiness to give you what you want; the same sacrifices may be expected from your end for your kids.
Dreaming of your mother means that you seek comfort in your life. You want to end all the troubles that you are going through so that you sleep peacefully at nights, which you are currently unable to.

A mother represents comfort, sacrifices, strength, painful situations, family love, affection and care.
If your mother has died and she visits you in your dream, look at the expression on her face. If she is crying in the dream, it may be because you are struggling a lot and she is watching your sacrifices, even when others are blind to see it.
If your mother smiles in your dream, it means that you are very happy with the progress of your kids and are satisfied with all the sacrifices you have made for them.

Most Common Mother Dreams:
• Crying with your mother – Such a dream indicates struggles in your waking life. Try relieving your emotions by meeting friends or, if you can, meet your mother to get her warm hug.
• Laughing with your mother – You are content in your life and a very confident person, if you see yourself laughing with your mother in your dream.
• Killing your mother – Such a dream may give you goose bumps, but if you do kill your mother in your dream, it means some sort of guilt against someone who has been really good to you. Remind yourself of all your bad karmas.

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