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Motorcycle- Dreams Interpretation

Efforts! Efforts! Efforts!
In order to ride a motorcycle, you have to put in a lot of your efforts. Unless you use your hands and legs, you just can’t give a direction to the motorcycle. Even if you are sitting on an automatic motorcycle, you’ve still got to put in your efforts to make it take you wherever you wish to go.
Similarly, when you dream of riding a motorcycle, it means that you have put in all the efforts that you could. Now, the time has come for you to ask for all the results of those hard working tasks that you did for the goal.
Dreaming of riding a motorcycle depicts your eagerness to succeed. Faster the speed of the motorcycle in your dream, quicker is the speed of success in your waking life.
If you dream of getting into a motorcycle race and you have a business in your waking life, it depicts the race with your competitors in the market. If you win the race in the dream, it means that you are going to succeed and be way ahead of all of your competitors. However, if you lose the race, you may have to struggle harder in your business to make it work.

Motorcycle represents speed, need for speed, actions, efforts, success, achievements and competition.
Dreaming of a motorcycle can be a very pleasant one at times, especially if you like riding bikes. You are pretty close to your goal, if you dream of happily riding the bike.
If you are sitting behind someone who is driving the motorcycle for you in your dream, it indicates support. Someone is always there, watching you and helping you in all the ways that he can, in your waking life.

Most Common Motorcycle Dreams:
• Flying with the motorcycle – If you dream of riding a motorcycle in the sky and you fear doing the same, it means that you are putting your efforts in something you are not confident in.
• Riding the motorcycle with your partner – Such a dream strengthens the bond between two people, especially if they are happy together in the dream.
• Repairing the motorcycle – Such a dream means that you are finding it difficult to give your best to the current project you have in your hands.

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