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Mountain- Dreams Interpretation

When you climb a mountain by choice, you feel amazing. All those trekkers have dreams to climb toughest mountains and land the flags of their victories. However, when you are forced to climb mountains, you feel terribly disturbed because that’s not something that you wish to do.
Mountain dreams may have different meanings in your life. If you dream of climbing a mountain and you do it by choice, you are reaching the most awaited goal in your waking life. No matter how many obstacles would come in your way, you’d conquer them and attain success.
Dreaming of climbing a mountain without any option or without choice depicts the way you are being harassed at work. You are working hard at office, but you are frustrated with the overloaded responsibilities that are assigned on your head. Moreover, these are not the responsibilities that were discussed with you at the time of your interview. Thus, it is frustrating you even more!
Dreaming of climbing a mountain without complaining depicts your determination. Things may seem hard in your waking life, especially at present, but you never complain about anything that happens around you. You are a born fighter!

A mountain represents achievement, obstacles, responsibilities, tasks, path to success, success and even loss.
If you dream of sliding down a mountain, without knowing where you are heading towards, it means that you have completely lost control on your life. You don’t know where the life is taking you. Therefore, you are upset with all the things happening with you. In simple words – nothing is going according to your wish and there’s absolutely no one who is listening to you.

Most Common Mountain Dreams:
• Kissing the mountain – Such dreams are not very common, but since mountains also depict breasts of a woman, such a dream means that you are sexually attracted to someone in your life.
• Reaching the top surface of the mountain – If you reach the peak of the mountain in your dream, you are very close to success in your waking life.
• Falling off the mountain – Such a dream means that you are going to lose out on your success, even though you are pretty close to it.

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