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Mouth- Dreams Interpretation

Mouth is that part of your body that helps you speak and be a voice to your soul. Teeth, tongue and other such things come together to form your mouth. No matter how funny it sounds, this is the truth and in order to interpret your dream in the most perfect manner, you’ve got to remember the different things that you saw in your mouth dream.
Dreaming of a mouth signifies a very deep thing; if you are able to hear your voice coming out of your mouth, it means that you have an important place in the life of others around you. They value your opinions. On the other hand, if you are mute or are unable to take the voice out of your mouth, it means that you are unable to have your opinions heard in the crowd.
A mouth also represents your sexual desires. If you see the tongue sticking out from the mouth in your dream, it depicts your passion for sex. You are in desperate need of love and sex in your life. On the other hand, if you see a seductive smile on the mouth, it means that you are content with the intimacy in your life.

A mouth represents communication, backbiting, unable to express your feelings, expressing your feelings and emotions.
If you dream of your mouth being closed by someone you know, that person is dominating you in your waking life. Does your partner give you enough space for your opinion? Does he value what you say?
If you see the mouth of a woman and you hear her voice, it means backbiting and gossiping. A lot of people are gossiping about you and you aren’t aware of that.
If you see the mouth of a man and it gets opened in your dream, it means that some of your secrets will be revealed.

Most Common Mouth Dreams:
• Eating – Such a dream depicts inner emotions. You don’t express what you have inside of you.
• Beard – If you dream of a mouth with a beard, you are going to have some successful discussions at your work place.
• Red lips – If you dream of red lips, it indicates happiness and passion in life.

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