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Nature – Dream Interpretation

Nature includes every natural thing that we are surrounded by. Trees, flowers, plants, herbs, leaves and all such beautiful things that God has created, come together to form nature.
If you dream of nature, closely observe what you see in the dream. What kind of plants are you able to see? What kind of trees are you resting under, in your dream? What kind of leaves are you feasting upon? What kind of flowers are you plucking from the garden?
Dreaming of beautiful nature is a good sign. You have a lot of thoughts budding in your mind if you see greenery in your dream.
If you dream of flowers blossoming in your dream, the project that you have been thinking about is finally going to be brought into reality. If you have been thinking about doing something, like establishing a business or start with the manufacturing of a product, it is time for you to begin with the work, if you dream of beautiful flowers blossoming behind your closed eyelids.
Dreaming of a mesmerizing landscape covered under nature means contentment. How do you feel when you see lush green sceneries? That’s exactly how you feel when you wake up after a nice nature dream.

Nature represents happiness, blossoming or budding ideas, new beginnings in life, new projects, opportunities, natural things, recovery from health related problems and your personal ‘nature.’
If you dream of a burning forest, it depicts your personal anger. You are frustrated about something in your waking life. Try thinking about it and find out what you can do to help yourself.
If you dream about eating some leaves or plants, it depicts personal healing. Nature has the strength and ability to help you recover from some of your health related problems.

Most Common Nature Dreams:
• Dancing in nature – If you dream of dancing with happiness in the laps of Mother Earth, it depicts the feminine side of your nature.
• Calm and serene nature – You are peaceful in your waking life, if you see such a dream.
• Growing new plants – If you dream of growing new plants, it depicts new projects

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