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Night – Dream Interpretation

While some people adore night, there are others that fear it. Some people wait for the moon to rise in the sky so that they enjoy being in darkness; there are others as well who hate being under the cloak of darkness at night.
In order to interpret your night dreams, you must know whether you like night or not. If you are a night bird, a night dream indicates happiness and serenity in your life. On the other hand, if you don’t like night much and it switches off your mood, most of the times, then a night dream may mean that you are unhappy with the present situation in your waking life.v Dreaming of lingering at night indicates confusion in life. You are in the darkest situation in your life, where you are unable to see the paths. You are just not able to understand where to go or how to move ahead in your life.
If you see yourself sitting in darkness or at night in your dream, try finding out about your current situation; do you feel lost in life? Are you finding it difficult to understand what is going on around you? Are you lingering in the same thoughts again and again?

A night represents sadness, depression, end of problems, end of the day and endless unhappiness.
If you dream of night, it indicates your unhappiness. There is something terrible in your life that you are not happy about.
If you are a spiritual person and you dream of night, look around and see if you are astral traveling. Such dreams are not just dreams, but journeys in themselves.
If you look happy in your night dream, it means that your problems are going to end in your waking life.

Most Common Night Dreams:
• Sleeping at night – If you dream of sleeping at night, there are chances for you to astral travel. Try being spiritually stronger and you may be able to have out of body experiences.
• Dancing under the moonlight – You are going to be romantically stronger in your life, if you get such a dream.
• Desperate at night – If you dream of being desperate or frustrated at night, your bad phase is going to stay longer.

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