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15 Non-Sexual Things a Guy Can Do To Drive a Woman Crazy

Some things men do are actually a lot sexier than they think.

There’s a strong correlation between what we find attractive and social status/financial stability. Having nice clothes, being groomed, even being healthy all costs money. We find people who are well-off more attractive than those who aren’t. We’re attracted to a guy who is most likely to provide a comfortable life for us and our offspring.

We find people attractive when we believe they have an innate greatness. However, attractiveness and sexiness aren’t exactly one and the same. Sexiness is subjective.

1. When he watches us do our hair.

When I’m throwing my hair into a messy bun and he’s just watching me adoringly, it is so f*cking cute. It makes me want to pounce. Ugh. And when he comes over and kisses my neck once my hair is up?

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2. When he passionately talks about something he loves.

Don’t you feel like just sitting there and staring at him in awe?! He’s there being vocal about what he loves and putting his feelings out there. And all you want to do is give him a big kiss!

3. When he gets something down from a high shelf.

When I can’t reach something and my man reaches up to help me, I melt. I love knowing there’s someone there to take care of those tiny hassles. He also looks banging on his toes, with his sexy abs peeking from under his shirt. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

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4. When he looks cute after just waking up.

Tell me a sleepy boy, with sleepy hair, sleepy eyes and a cute, little sleepy smile is not the most delicious thing ever. I go from exhausted to having a lady-boner in a matter of seconds.

5. When he’s f*cking smart.

A guy’s brain is so much hotter than anything else. When a guy can keep up with me, is naturally witty AF and can provide a solid counterargument like he didn’t even have to think about it, it is almost too much for my libido to handle. A smart man is a hot man.

6. When he stops the car to let pedestrians pass by.

We’re all in a hurry, but when he sees a passerby anxiously waiting for a car to stop and let them cross the road, he actually stops! He’s too good to be true, ladies!

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7. When he holds a baby.

Be still, my ovaries. When I see a man hold a baby, I just want to stop taking my goddamn birth control. LOL, JK. Kind of. When a man holds a baby, the first thing I think is, “That’s how he’s going to look holding OUR babies.” Sorry, I’m crazy, and you men made me this way. Get over it.

8. When he’s wearing a white T-shirt Or a black T-shirt.

When a man is wearing something that a) shows off his arms and chest and/or b) looks dressed up, I’m going to be DTF. A man who takes pride in his appearance is just plain sexy.

9. When he prefers you without makeup.

I can’t get enough of a guy who thinks I look more beautiful without makeup on. It means he likes me just the way I am. In a world where we’re constantly told we need to hide our flaws behind layer upon layer of foundation and eyeliner, it’s wonderful to hear that the one person who actually matters thinks I’m gorgeous no matter what.

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10. When he’s checking that sexy wrist watch!

C’mon, you know you can’t deny this! He wearing that brown leather strap watch with that big round dial paired with your favourite white shirt… Just seeing him like that gets you thinking dirty things!

11. When he plays along with the kids in the park.

You know when you’re on one of your evening walks, a ball rolls down and the children ask him to throw it back to them? Instead of just giving it back, he actually plays an over of cricket with them. It’s just amazing to see him be so spontaneous and hot!

12. When he runs his fingers through his hair.

Guys always have such soft hair! Don’t you agree? And when he just ruffles his hair between his fingers to adjust his hair, you’re just there staring at him like… Why SO sexy? Why?

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13. When he gives you a massage after a long tiring day…just because!

You wore heels to work and have a sore, aching ankle? Well, he’ll understand and just give you that rejuvenating foot massage to wade all your pains away!

14. When he cooks for you.

A man who can cook is a man who is going to score more ass. It’s just the truth. In fact, couples that cook together have sexier, healthier relationships. Men, it’s hot when you open a jar for me, but when you know what to do with the contents of that jar, you’re going to learn the contents of my sexy imaginations.

15. When he’s supportive of women’s rights even more than you are.

When he gets all angry seeing all the violence against women, the double standards and gets protective when a guy stares at you in a weird way.

OK, you know what to do now. Go forth and prosper, guys.

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