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Oak – Dream Interpretation

Oak trees are pretty old. If somebody wants a little bit of shade to protect himself from the harsh rays of the sun, he can steal it from the tall and widely spread oak tree.
Dreaming of a beautiful oak tree has only one meaning – good luck. The best part about seeing an oak tree in your dream is that it is a beautiful one. When you see such a tree in your dream, you are rejuvenated, since it is a part of Mother Earth and nature.
Dreaming of an old oak tree represents your health and wellness. If you have been going through a bone related issue or severe migraine problems, they are going to come to an end the night you see an old oak tree in your dream. Such a tree is known for the kind of benefits it has on the health of the ill ones.
However, not all the oak tree dreams are good and beautiful. If you pluck a leaf from the oak tree, it is a sign of bad luck.

An oak tree represents happiness, nourishment, health and wellness, fitness, opportunities, revenue and bad omen as well.
Dreaming of resting under a tall oak tree means that you seek help and support from someone in your waking life. You are not in the best of your times and hence you want someone’s shoulder to rest on. Don’t worry – such a dream is a dream of hope. You may get someone in your life; he would hold your hand despite your weaknesses and flaws!
Crying under an oak tree in your dream indicates loss and grievances. Are you missing a deceased friend? Have you not yet recovered from your break-up?

Most Common Oak Dreams:
• Singing under the shade of the oak tree – Such a dream brings harmony in life, but only if the song that you sing is a good and a happy one.
• Kissing under the oak tree – This tree has healing properties; such a dream means that your relationship with your partner will be healed.
• Cutting the oak tree – Such a dream is a disastrous one; watch your karmas in your waking life!

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