Omg! The Mystery Revealed- Why Being An Intelligent And A Good Person Is Not Always A Great Idea

Intelligence is not always a boon. Not when you live in a society with other people.

Being intelligent has its downfalls. And the double whammy is when you are a good person too. An intelligent person with no empathy or concern about other people can survive very easily. He does not care.

But a good person who is humble and is scared of offending people, even when he/she knows that the other person is wrong, is usually having it difficult in this world.

#10. Intelligent people are more likely to suffer from depressiondepression-04

They see this world with a perspective that is completely different from the general worldview. Add to that goodness, and sensitivity, the sadness doubles.

#9. People get jealous of you and love it when you fail

intelligent 2

Intelligence is a privilege. It is as good as riches and people tend to get jealous. And since good people do not give people the shit that they take, they tend to be ridiculed when they fail.

How many class toppers have you known who was made fun of just because he didnt top the class one term.

#8. Everyone thinks you are arrogant when you make a point

intelligent 3

Being assertive is not expected out of good people. And sound and lucid points are not understood very well by people either.


Conclusion – β€œHe/she is so arrogant!”


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