Omg! The Mystery Revealed- Why Being An Intelligent And A Good Person Is Not Always A Great Idea

#7. Or thinks that they can take your case because you do not retaliate


If only you employed your sense of humor and and retaliated, no one would ever mess with you again.

#6. People expect you to be happy and nice all the time

intelligent 6

Somehow being good and intelligent comes with expectations of being happy and nice. These people are the same people as the rest of us. They get sad and on bad days, they get a bit rude too.


People forget that they are humans too.


#5.You sometimes fail to live up to people’s expectationsINTELLIGENT-7


Parents. Friends. Teachers. Everyone expects you to be the greatest human being that ever lived. They fail to see that intelligent people can choose any path they want to – even if it is in a mundane office doing mundane things.


#4. You get more anxious of thinking what the other people think about you


As we have said, if it was an intelligent person with no empathy, he/she wouldnt have given a single fuck about how the world thinks. But sensitive people do, and they care about what people actually think about them.

This creates anxiety.

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