Omg! The Mystery Revealed- Why Being An Intelligent And A Good Person Is Not Always A Great Idea

#3. You tend to rationalize everything – even when you are getting hurt



Logical reasoning and rationalizing is a good tool, unless it is used to trivialize sensitive topics.


#2. People do not like you because no one likes a know-it-allINTELLIGENT-10

That’s what we have even been advised to do – to not show that we know a lot – even if we do know a lot.


This is not because of humility, but because people simply do not like know-it-alls.


#1. No one comes to help you assuming you can take care of yourself more than efficientlyINTELLIGENT-11 

Sometimes, even the intelligent need advice. Even they need help and support.


Sometimes, intelligence and being good, instead of being a privilege becomes a liability.

And that is when you really start thinking about how the society actually behaves.

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