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Pain- Dreams Interpretation

pain dreams 04Pain is both, an emotion as well as a feeling. Although a lot of people believe that the pain can be felt only when you are awake, it is absolutely wrong. There are so many people who feel pain while sleeping.
If you have been going through some sort of a health related problem in your waking life, you are bound to feel pain in your dreams. Sometimes, you may dream of some sort of a pain in your leg and when you wake up, you would realize that the pain is actually there. It is like a connection between you and your sub-conscious mind. Both of your personalities know that there is some sort of a problem in your body, at present and hence, you dream of that pain.
Dreaming of pain indicates some sort of a loss as well, especially if the pain is specific. For an instance, if you have some sort of a pinching pain in your heart, it depicts hurtfulness due to loss of someone really close. This loss may be because of death or a broken relationship.pain dreams 01
If you have recently been through a bad break-up, you are bound to feel a pain in your heart while dreaming. Sometimes, this sort of a pain also leads to a nightmare or a disrupted sleep.

Pain represents hurtfulness, death, loss of a loved one, pain in real and illness.
If you have fever while sleeping, you may feel terrible body pain while dreaming. Such a pain depicts illness in waking life.
Believe it or not, but if you feel a needle piercing through different parts of your body while dreaming, someone may be doing some sort of black magic on you. However, this is not something that I guarantee, since I am not much of a believer in the concept.pain dreams 02

Most Common Pain Dreams :
• Pain in neck – If you have a terrible pain in your neck in your dream, it means that you are doing a lot of work in your present time.
• Pain in shoulders – Such a dream means that you are overloaded with responsibilities.
• Pain in fingers – Most of the writers or artists feel such pains in their dreams. Such a dream means that you are doing a lot of work in your field.

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