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palm dreams 01Your palms help you do a lot of things. With the help of your palms, you hold on to the railing, hold different objects and are able to do all those things that you wish to. But that’s not all – your entire destiny is written on your palms. All those lines that don’t matter to you are actually about the different journeys of your life. From your past to your future, every single detail lies on your palms.
Dreaming of your palm means a glimpse of your future. Try capturing different things that you do in your dream; are you starting up a new business in your dream? Are you dating someone good? Are you breaking up with someone and then crying, looking at your palms? Such dreams may give you a hint about your future.
Palm is generally a symbol of prosperity because whatever you do with the help of your hands, you prosper. Therefore, when you dream of a palm, it depicts prosperity. If you are an artist and you dream of a palm, it is a good sign and it means that your art is going to give you a lot of money, name and also fame in the market.

Symbolism:palm dreams 03
A palm represents prosperity, opportunities, prayers, future, mystery and wisdom.
If you dream of reading your palm, you are an extremely wise person. This is probably a quality that your sub-conscious mind possesses, but you are not aware about it. Try channelizing your energy and find out if you can really read palms or not.
If you see someone else’s palm in your dream, it means that your life is somehow connected to that person. It means that you exist in the palm’s lines of the other person you see in your dream.palm dreams 04

Most Common Palm Dreams :
• Reading someone else’s palm – Such a dream means that the other person trusts you too much in your waking life and you should not break his trust.
• Drawing on someone’s palm – You have the ability to influence others and make them do things that you want, if you get such a dream.
• Kissing someone’s palm – You provide others with a lot of peace and love in their life, if you get such a dream.

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