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Panther – Dreams Interpretation

panther dreams 02As soon as we hear the word panther, we have the image of this black colored shiny coated animal, ferociously staring into our eyes. Not everybody has the guts to even imagine a pure black vicious panther.
If you dream of a panther, try remembering what he does in it. Is he simply walking? Is he staring deep into your eyes? Is he trying to scare you? Is he angry? Is he black or does he look like a leopard?
The more you remember about him, the easier it is for you to interpret your panther dream.
Generally, dreaming of a black colored panther means enemies. If the panther is trying to scare you in your dream, your enemy is surely making up plans to put you down in public or make you feel embarrassed about the project that you are working on. He is surely trying his level best to do something against you, so that he wins in the race.
Sometimes, such a dream may also mean your competitors, if you are a businespanther dreams 03sman. There are hundreds of competitors of entrepreneurs and they always try to be ahead in the race.

A panther represents enemies, strength, power, viciousness, threat and cunningness in life.
Dreaming of an angry panther depicts your personality in waking life. You are terribly angry about something in your life and the frustration is eating you up. Therefore, you are finding it difficult to concentrate on the better aspects of your life.
Dreaming of a calm and silent panther means that you are going to resolve a conflict with an old enemy. You may get a new friend in your list!
Dreaming of a sad panther depicts sadness in your heart because of all the sacrifices that you have made in your life.panther dreams 04

Most Common Panther Dreams :
• Being chased by a panther – Such a dream depicts fear of enemies or fear of being defeated by Karmas.
• Chasing a panther – You are trying your best to cope up with the challenges made by your enemies or competitors.
• Defeating a panther – Such a victorious dream indicates defeat of the enemies. Some of your enemies may surrender.

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