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Peacock- Dreams Interpretation

Peacock dreams 02Peacock is one of the most colorful birds gifted by nature. It symbolizes the vibrant nature, birth and happiness in life. Peacock is known as a good omen.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

A peacock’s feathers can fascinate any person who sees it. The beauty of this colorful bird can attract anyone who even watches it on the TV. It brings happiness, luck and a better future. Peacock dreams 03To dream of a peacock means you will have good luck and success.
Note down a few things about your peacock dream such as;
– Was the peacock dancing?
– Did you see a dead peacock?
– Did you see many peacocks?
– Did you hear a peacock?
– Did you own a peacock in your dream?
– Did you receive a peacock as a gift?
These questions will you with a closer and deeper dream analysis. There are various factors, which will consider your current situations in your dreams. These factors could be related to; beauty, contentment, curiosity, shock, happiness, excitement and entertainment. Peacock dreams are also related to women fertility and child birth. Dreaming about a peacock means you will hear good news about conceiving a baby.Peacock dreams 04

Most Common Peacock Dreams:
• To Dream about Many Peacocks: This is a sign of good luck. The dream signifies many opportunities coming your way. Dreaming about many peacocks is also associated with monetary benefits. It shows that you will become financial wealthy.
• To Dream about Killing a Peacock: This is a bad omen. It means some harm to your property and financial gains. Take this as a sign of danger as there could be a sign of robbery in any of your financial accounts. These are also signs of downfall in business. It is a critical phase and you will need to act very confidently in handling such situation.
• To be scared of a Peacock: If you found yourself being scared of a peacock in dream, it means you are hiding from your responsibilities. You have the potential for being successful in life; however you are not interested in putting your efforts.

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